Friday, 6 April 2012

Mobile Trinity coming May 15th - Early Benchmarks Out!

So apparently the release date for mobile trinity is May 15th, and early benchmarks show performance increases being drastic when compared to llano.

Look here for example. The CPU tests performed are folding test. We see FPU performance increasing by around +5.47%, and Integer Performance increasing by around +38.67%, with graphics performance estimated to be around 60% better than llano.

The rumoured clock for this chip is 1.6 Ghz stock / 2.2 ghz turbo here, which shows that IPC performance of Piledriver cores to actually be much higher than K10.5. Which is very good news! For comparison the A8-3500M clock is 1.6 ghz stock / 2.4 Ghz turbo which actually clocks higher than the trinity part.

The awesome thing about all this is that AMD will also be releasing a much more powerful A10 mobile variant as well, which will be their flagship. This A8-4500M is more like a new generation A6 mobile processor. 

AMD's flagship A10-4600M mobile variant will have a maximum clock of 3.2 Ghz here.

This is much more drastic than what we have seen being offered with ivy bridge, which shows only 5-10% increase in integer performance, and graphical performance still trailing llano.

I expect the A8-4500M to perform roughly equivalent to a mobile sandy bridge i5 part in CPU performance, while leaving ivy Birdge's HD 4000 graphics in the dust.

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