Monday, 23 April 2012

i7 3770k - the hottest chip ever?

Not only is the 3770k a worse overckocker than the 2600k/2700k, this chip is one of the hottest I have ever seen. Check this out!

65C degrees for the 2600k @ 4.9 Ghz
103C degrees for the 3770k @ 4.9 Ghz

All that for only a +2.6% gain in performance in Cinebench 11.5!?

The numbers dont lie.. This Chip is a larger failure than the FX 8150.

EDIT: Its interesting to see how most if not all review sites fail to show just how hot this chip is while overclocked

NOTE:  HD 4000 graphics still around 20% behind Llano offerings. Intel's statement that they would be even is a blatant lie. 

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