Wednesday, 25 April 2012

AMD 7970M - Mobile Monster - Better than a GTX 580!! - 31% Better than 680M

3DMark11 Score - Performance : Shocking

These two small GPUs will outperform your desktop GPU no problem

First Corner : New Gen. Mobile Notebook

AMD 7970M

Score: 6125


Second Corner : Last Gen. Gaming PC

GTX 580

Score: 6044

This is stunning to say the least! 

AMD 7970M + Mobile CPU in crossfire outperforms GTX 680 OC'd + Desktop CPU. 


Comparing Nvidia's Current mobile GPU Flagship Vs. AMD's current mobile GPU flagship.

Check out how the Nvidia 680M performs! The 7970m topples it with ease!!
Its paired with the latest 8 threaded ivy bridge mobile processor @ 3.6 Ghz Turbo

WOW! The 7970 scores a whopping +31% higher than this upcoming Nvidia mobile flagship! This is quite embarassing for Nvidia. 

EDIT: So apparently the 675m costs a whopping $150 MORE than the 7970m, when configuring an Alienware 17xr4. Nvidia is way behind on price to performance with this one. 

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  1. AMD beat nVidia easily this time, let's see nvidia's reply...

    I still think the 7970 is a better deal than the 680