Saturday, 21 September 2013

Kaveri Benchmarks Revealed! AMD Kaveri's GPU is R5-N200

This Speaks for itself! 

Intel HD 5200 Iris with eDRAM is now pathetic compared to a DDR3 1600 Mhz Kaveri system. Watch HuMA and HSA at  work with that memory bandwidth as well as General Purpose Cryptography up to near 500% the performance (+400%) of Iris 5200 and up to ~840% the performance (~+740%) vs the 8670D! Both systems are running with 1600 Mhz DDR3.

Kaveri's GPU is essentially an underclocked 7790 with DDR3 instead of GDDR5 with only 1 CU disabled. This means Kaveri's GPU will sport 832 Stream Processors and overshoots the original estimates and rumours of 512 stream processors by alot! Stock clock will be 600 Mhz but there is no word if there will be a turbo clock implemented but my guess is YES! :)

And Now that Kaveri motherboards have entered the enthusiast field, I'd love to see 2400-2600 Mhz DDR3 testing! This is a GREAT time for 2400 Mhz purchasing aswell, as the price is only marginally higher than 1866 or 2133 Mhz options. Asus claims a +30% increase in performance on their Kaveri FM2+ page here going from 1333-2133 Mhz! So compare the above results at 1600 Mhz to a theoretical system with 2600 Mhz DDR3!

ASRock's FM2A88X Extreme6+ - 2600 Mhz  OC DDR3 supported

What do you guys think? 

Monday, 16 September 2013

AMD FX 9590 Price Dropped to $359 CAD! XFX 7990 $629!

AMD FX 9590 is now $359 CAD

You heard me....

XFX 7990 is now $629 CAD


AMD FX 9590 + AMD 7990 Combo 
Original Price : $2100 CAD
New Price : $988 

Intel i7 4770k + Nvidia GTX 690 Combo
Price : $1315 

Intel i5 4670k + Nvidia GTX 690 Combo
Price $1245

Intel i3 3240 + Nvidia GTX 690 Combo
Price $1145

Direct Competition
Intel 4930k + Nvidia GTX 680 Combo
Price $919

Using cheapest prices possible with

AMD simply crushes the competition in price to performance for enthusiast gamers!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

AMD R9 290X Benchmarks ... Coming Soon!

AMD's Titan Killer is R9 290X

Nvidia only has GTX Titan Ultra to respond! Thank AMD for bumping the prices down to a reasonable level with the AMD 7990 at $699! The other new thing with the R9 290X you will find unlike with Nvidia's Titan is custom PCB's and overclocked variants.

R9 290X will cost in the $600-800 USD range, depending on the type of card, and will outperform the GTX Titan (2688 cores) stock per stock which currently costs $1000-1100 USD.

The GTX Titan Ultra (2880 cores), launched shortly after AMD's Hawaii GPUs, will cost $800-900 USD and the regular GTX Titan will have its price dropped to the $600-800 USD range.

Nvidia's REAL Flagship will be the GTX 790 (4608 cores) which will sport two underclocked GTX 780s and will still hold the $1000-1100 USD position. AMD will fall behind only in releasing their Dual-Hawaii R9 Flagship to counter.

Who will Be King? You Decide!