Monday, 16 April 2012

AMD Trinity Benchmark : Geekbench

Mobile Trinity GeekBench Benchmark Results

First Corner : AMD Llano

A8-3500m @ 2.4 Ghz Turbo


Second Corner : Intel Sandy Bridge

i5 2410m @ 2.9 Ghz Turbo


Third Corner : AMD Trinity

A10-4600m @ 3.2 Ghz Turbo

Here we see the A10-4600m @ 3.2 Ghz performing +89% better than the K10.5 based llano part A8-3500m @ 2.4 Ghz,  and +2.7% better than the i5 2410m @ 2.9 Ghz. It should be noted that this benchmark is generally intel favoured (The i7 3960x tripling the FX 8150 in score). 

More Leaked benchmarks to come! 

1 comment:

  1. I see, although some idiots said Bulldozer had bad FP performance due to a shared 256-bit FPU (or two 128-bit ones), it is the only benchmarks that AMD beats intel, and by an incredibly wide margin which makes it win the test

    remenber this is just a dual core SB, I don't know how quad core IVBs will perform, but I think a bit better than SB, so it should beat AMD here

    but this benchmark is intel biased (as you say), oh well...