Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ivy Bridge i7-3610QM 4C/8T @ 3.3 Ghz HD 4000 - 3DMark 11 Fail!

Intel HD 4000 - 3DMark 11 Performance
EDIT: Battery Life Included

So Ivy Bridge seems to do alright in the DX10 3DMark Vantage, but how about a more modern application? Lets see if its graphics cores are really capable of pushing a DX11 benchmark smoothly. We will see how close my educated guess for Trinity really is when the numbers come out. (Estimate: ~56% higher score than A8-3500m taken from Vantage scaling)


First Corner:

AMD A8-3500m 4C/4T @ 2.6 Ghz Turbo
AMD 6620G

Performance Score: 820


Battery Life: ~8 hours


Second Corner: (Hypothetical)

AMD A10-4600m 2M/4T @ 3.2 Ghz Turbo
AMD 7660G

Performance Score: ~1279

Battery Life: ~12.3 Hours


Third Corner: 

Intel i5 2410 2C/4T @ 2.9 Ghz Turbo
Nvidia GT 550m

Performance Score: 1097


Battery Life: 3.8 hours


Fourth Corner: 

Intel i7 3610QM 4C/8T @ 3.3 Ghz Turbo
Intel HD 4000

Performance Score: 697


Battery Life: ~6 hrs

Here we see just how poorly intel's next mobile flagship performs in a true DX11 graphical test. The older Lllano A8-3500m (not even AMD's current flagship) still performs a whopping ~17.6% better in 3DMark 11 than the yet to be released $1000+ ivy bridge cpu from intel. DX11 is where AMD will shine, and where intel is just begining to tread water.

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