Monday, 16 April 2012

Mobile Trinity Blind Test - AMD the Clear Winner!

A Blind Test : Trinity vs Sandy Bridge

Test Systems

Looks like a mistake on the dell system, that "1" should be infront of the 28 Gb



Here we see in a blind test, that the majority of people preferred the A10-4600m over the i5 2410m  for these CPU intensive tests (GPU not even being used here). This is impressive to say the least! Check the source for more details! It seems like AMD is really pushing the CPU performance of their new chips! 

EDIT : From SA forums here


  1. what about trinity vs ivy bridge?

    and if AMD has some trinity processors and notebooks, why doesn't it release them

    but the results are quite nice for AMD

    but remember the results of the last AMD blind test (the one before this one), AMD also beat intel

    1. They will be releasing them may 15th. Of course the best i7 quad core 8 thread ivy bridge notebook processor will beat the a10-4600m in most cpu intensive benchmarks, but instead of being worse than the i3, as with llano cpu performance, trinity will push closer to mid-high range (i5) territory for cpu performance. However, with gpu, it will be a few generations ahead of intel still. Not even haswells gpu will match trinity.