Sunday, 1 April 2012

Enter New Zealand!: AMD 7990 to be 1 Ghz , have 6 Gb GDDR5, and be $849

Enter New Zealand! The Real GPU King

According to a report from techpowerup, the AMD 7990 will have 6 Gb memory, and will be clocked at 1 Ghz, and will spot two Tahiti XT (7970) GPUs for only $849. According to this rumour, the 7970 will price drop to around ~$399 USD range by the time the 7990 is released. It appears that memory will be limited to a mear 1250 mhz, but it will be interesting to see if AMD has a turbo setting in mind. Due to the new 70mm fan design, this card should run much quieter than a reference 6990.

The 7990 will be released April 17th, 2012. 

Leaked 7990 image : APRIL FOOLS, this isnt the real 7990 design
GPU-Z shot : This is real

Mu Guess is that this card will have a dual bios, with the overclocked bios @ 1050 Mhz / 1250 Mhz , and will perform roughly 100-110% better than a single 7970, and 90-110% better than a single GTX 680. This will be the most power hungry consumer GPU to date.

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  1. I think that "MAY" be true, 28nm hadn't matured when the 7970 came out and maybe there is still quite some potential to get more performance and less power usage from the 7970, maybe sell some overclocked version eg. 7980