Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Return of AMD FX

Hi, first off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Panos, and I am a computer enthusiast who loves to benchmark. I am new to the blog scene, but I hope you guys like it here.

My first goal is to finally get some AMD FX 8150 benchmarks at a decent overclock. I have noticed that many websites, except for overclockersclub.com, really have not pushed FX to its limits. On top of that, poor FX is always paired with a more lower end card! Remember how AMD recommended using a 6990 with the FX 8150 in their original FX promotional video? 

Enter Scorpius,

My Gaming Rig - ON AIR!!

AMD FX 8150 @ 4.81 Ghz 24/7 Stable (23.5 x 204)
Promlatech Genesis - 3 x Scythe Sflex 135mm
G.Skill 2200 Mhz Cl7 DDR3
XFX 6990 stock (830/1250) > OC (990/1500) 2 Hr Stable (Ungine Heaven 2.5) Catalyst 12.1 Preview
Arctic Twin Turbo 6990 Cooler
OCZ Revodrive 3 X2 240 Gb
HAF 932 - 10 x Additional Scythe Fans
OCZ 1000w ZX Gold PSU


Ungine Heaven 2.5
3DMark11 P/X
H.264 encoding
SiSoftware Sandra 2012
PCMark 7
Cinebench 11.5
Cinebench 10

Possibly more


Dirt 3
Alien vs. Predator 

Possibly more

Finally Bulldozer can Breath! Will FX shine? or will it fall short? Will an overclocked FX bottleneck a 6990 OC'd?

Results Soon!!!!

Throw me a message if you have any questions or requests!! =D

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  1. What's is your mother board and vcore?
    Also interesting other settings/voltages.