Monday, 30 January 2012

DIRT 3 - More Evidence that AMD is KING with a 6990

DIRT 3 - Revisited 

Check this Out!!

With intel's Flagship i7 3960x @ 4.2 Ghz
source: Tomshardware

Comparing stock GPU results to previous results  (link) with an i5 2500k @ 4.0 Ghz, we only see an FPS boost of around +6%. My AMD FX 8150 @ 4.8 Ghz manages to beat the i5 2500k @ 4.0 Ghz by +26%!! (link) AMD's own 6990 seems to love FX with this specific benchmark. It should also note that drivers used in the above test are identical to those I used in mine. This is simply shocking to say the least.


  1. What mobo are you using with your FX?

  2. I am using a Crosshair V 990FX board! ^^

  3. Really? I think this mobo is a very bugged one. Most reviews got bad performance because of it, and i know a few unhappy Crosshair V users. Of course, not all Crosshair V made were faulty, but I will be getting a M5A97 Evo. Any thoughts on this mid-class little Asus? I'm looking forward to pushing my 1090T to 4.3ghz :)

    And congratulations for the blog. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I am a very satisfied customer of the ASUS Crosshair V. It hasnt given me any issues with the latest BIOS updates. At first it couldn't awake from sleep with an OCd CPU, and sometimes the BIOS wouldn't post when booted, but these issues have been fixed so far.

    I would love to know how your overclocking goes ^^. Perhaps we could compare results

  5. Then I guess we can trust asus after all!

    Great idea! I've decided i'm going for a Sabertooth instead. That's almost double the price, but i'm sure the extra 100mhz will be worth it (at least for my ego XD). Wait another 30 days? I'll buy it at the end of the month (lots of stuff and bills to buy/pay this month).

    Is there another way I can contact you? I would love to share some results.

    1. I usually am always here! and I receive your comments instantaneously. I look forward as well!

  6. Ok then. I'll let you know when I get my new mobo!

  7. Just read a post on OCN where you say anandtech locked your thread there. I lol'd! Do you know they used different versions of a benchmark to review the FX? I'm saying this, because one of the benchmark coders said that "anandtech reviewers are at least irresponsible for doing such a thing". I believe it was cinebench, now i'm not sure.

  8. Only really three people were upset about my review. I dont understand how they couldn't at least look at it subjectively and then offer constructive criticism. The thread should have not been closed because I never broke any rules.

  9. I understand. The same happened to me when I started a thread to discuss Physx efficiency. It was proven by tomshardware that is not optimized to run with more advanced instructions (not even SSE3) or more than 2 cores, so if it was better coded, it wouldn't be so slow on AMD GPUs.
    FYI, I've always had Nvidia gpus + AMD cpus.
    It seems like we can't go against the website $upporters.