Friday, 6 January 2012

First gaming benchmark : Alien Vs. Predator Benchmarks

ROUND 3: Alien vs. Predator

Comparison is between an intel i7 980x @ 4.0 Ghz and my AMD FX 8150 @ 4.8 Ghz.

Check and Mate!

Graphics Settings:

A) (top) - High Quality Settings, SSAO, No AA / 16xAF, vsync off
B) (bottom) -  Ultra Quality Settings, 4x MSAA / No AF, SSAO, vsync off

These are the stated settings in the testing methodology section, however above the actual graph Tom's claims  both are set to ultra. Based on the amount of detail given in the given above settings when compared to that given above the plot, I took this to be the settings they used. (but its still not clear :S)


Source: GTX 590 Review

This seems to be one of the few games AMD actually beats intel in with higher end graphics cards. The most notable comparison is when the 6990 GPU is @ 880/1250 between processors. FX truly shines in DX11 games that are more graphically demanding.

Overclocking the 6990 from 850/1250 to 990/1500 ( a clock/mem - 12/20%  OC) results in an AVG fps increase of about 15% for both settings (A) and (B). Scaling between a single 6970, and two (in a 6990) is also very good, roughly 95-110% depending on settings.

Allow some error as the drivers are different between comparisons, however this game is sufficiently old enough to have negligible gain between catalysts.

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