Wednesday, 28 March 2012

PS4 called Orbis and uses AMD x64 CPU / AMD Southern Islands GPU

The British edition of the Official Playstation Magazine pointed out a finding by Kotaku USA that the new Playstaion 4 has the codename Orbis and is reported to sport an AMD x64 CPU as well as a 7900 Southern Islands derivative GPU. Sound Familiar? This sounds an awful like Trinity, but we will see how things unfold by E3 2013. This means Sony would be moving away from its original partner Nvidia, to develop the new Playstation. The console is also reported to support resolutions up to 4096x2160. Seem like AMD will be owning  the console market in 2013, supporting GPUs for both Sony and Microsoft (using a AMD 6670 derivative in the Xbox Loop), as well as Lenovo's iSec in China.

Look here for the full story.

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