Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Kid on the Block! Team Xtreem! Undefeated overclockability at an undefeated price!

Enter Team Group Inc:

Team Xtreem LV PC3 19200 - 2400 Mhz (2 x 4Gb) 

The lack of reviews and any benchmarking for this DDR3 set makes me want to try it out and review it myself! Not only is this PC3-19200 (2400 Mhz) but its cas latency is only 9. Ontop of that its Command Rate is 1T, which is better than 2N or 2T (what all other 2400 mhz rams out there have)

Almost too good to be true! (Edit: These actually have lifetime warranty)And for the exact same price as the Geil and Corsair set. (~$160 CAD)

Here is the only benchmarks I have seen so far, This puppy will OC to 2628Mhz CL10, while most other PC3-19200 kits fail to push 2450 Mhz CL10. The only downside being that Trp 10 is usually unachievable at 2400 Mhz.

These are part of the same set series as the 2600 Mhz CL10 / 2800 Mhz CL12 that Team Group offers, which are untouched as of now in the memory market. 

Update:  So apparently this is the same Samsung Memory that Gskill uses with their Ripjaws Z 2400 Cl9 as well. 

Ill include this in the Poll!!


  1. since it is samsung too I think it may be good, it is also faster than the competition

    but, I've never heared about that company, but you don't seem to want to play it safe

    1. Well "playing it safe" isnt really an issue with ddr3 as it is with other components. Given they all have lifetime warranty, and are all pretty much the exact same memory stick with a different brand and cooler on it, i dont see why anyone who needs a dual channel memory kit wouldn't go for team xtreme. sure its new on the block, but the price difference between this and the 2400 mhz dominator gt kit (500 USD in 2010) probably comes because Team xtreem really is the new kid on the block, and their memory series is the newest (released 2011). The price is in accordance with Gskill, so its not some cheapo ram brand hehe. (Check for yourself, a quad channel 16 gb kit 2400 mhz is around 320-330 USD)