Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nvidia GTX 680 vs AMD 7970 More Proof..L2N results!

3DMark 11  - L2N Results, GTX 680 vs AMD 7970 - Performance Setting

First Corner: AMD

Intel i7 3960x @ 5.2 ghz
MSI 7970 @ 1800 Mhz
4Gb DDR3 @ 2314 Mhz

Score: P15035


Second Corner: Nvidia

Intel i7 3930k @ 5.5 ghz
EVGA GTX 680 @ 1842 Mhz 
4 Gb DDR3 @ 2400 Mhz

Score: P14912



Not only is the Nvidia GPU clocked higher, so is the memory, and the CPU clock. Despite these advantages, the 7970 manages to squeeze out a higher score!

At stock settings, the turbod gtx 680 (1058 Mhz turbo) will beat a 7970 (925 Mhz), but with overclocking is a different ballpark. This will be seen in the reviews to come! Stay tuned ;) EDIT: Reviews are out

As I predicted, its barley a clear winner.

My Prediction March 18th on fudzilla:

"The GTX 680 will outperform the 7970 by only 5-15% in most benchmarks, with some showing up to 30 % increase increase (for typical nvidia favoured benchmarks)  is my estimate. And I have a feeling it wont win in every benchmark, but will still be renowned King. (Not like when 6990 and gtx 590 came out when there was no clear winner). This card will cost 549-599$ USD (Wrong here, its 499 USD, good work nvidia), with the 7970 at 549$ , which will probably price drop to 459$. The 7990 will come out within 2-3 weeks later, again dethroning Nvidia, so I doubt Nvidia will play the King Card for long. This card will perform roughly 50-60% better than the GTX 680, and will cost around 849$ USD. I dont want to begin to imagine what Nvidia's dual card Kepler GTX 690 will cost (Over 1000USD?)"

Clock per clock, the battle becomes more even. Look here

I still want to see a clock per clock comparison review between the 7970 and the gtx 680. It appears this way comparing between the 7970 and the gtx 680 as resolution increases.

If this is true, it could be enough to de-thrown the gtx 680. Look here showing an OCd 7970 vs the gtx 680 with multiple monitor gaming. 

As shown here, no clear winner.

Side Note: To this day the AMD 6990 is king of GPUs.

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