Friday, 2 March 2012

ASUS Crosshair V - DEAD! Enter Gigabyte

Bad news everyone, my ASUS Crosshair V is officially DEAD. I will be purchasing :



Geil Evo Two DDR3 - 2400 Mhz (2x4Gb)

source: extremeoverclocking


Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 - 2133 Mhz (2x4Gb)


By I am leaning more towards the Geil (I have had really bad history with Corsair except for their PSU's, that is three individual cases of faulty ssd / ddr3 ram) 

Help me choose which ram I should get! I would love to get your guys' opinion on this! ^^

Also, I will be redoing my benchmarks with Windows 8 Consumer Preview! 

Stay tuned for this Upgrade. and Results! Thanks for all the support and everybody's patience! ^^


  1. try to see which one works better with bulldozer and which has more bandwidth

    we would also love to see some benchmarks for ubuntu 12.04

  2. You mean memory or Motherboard? I wont be buying both the Corsair and the Geil, its one or the other. In terms of raw bandwidth by specification, the Geil has more. I really appreciate everyones feedback on which I should get. Join the discussion here.

  3. You should get an Asrock Fatal1ty. It has 12 power phases.

  4. Man you should know before buying this new mobo that this model is having a V drop under heavy loads whenever you OC...

    can you Please confirm and send us your feedback about this issue?!

  5. Yes but this was already adressed through revision 1.1, which is already most if not all of newegg's stock by now. The 1.0 boards are still around however, as this has only really come into effect in the last few months. My local memory express for example has 1.0 board , and only one left. I'm assuming when ncix and memory express stock up next theyl have 1.1 boards, as this is the only revision gigabyte currently produces. They have been floating around since november december, and some review sites review the newer revision, with load line calibration controls. The asrock is just not my style either, I really has a tough choice deciding between the crosshair V and the UD7 originally, and went with the Asus, so now is my chance to try the gigabyte so I really do know which was the better experience. Most review sites acknowledge that the ud7 matches if not surpases the crosshair V in many ways, with software (which I'd never use anyways, bios ocing is legit) and lack of llc (which has been adressed with the newer revision) usualy being the only downside described.

  6. well Corsair is a more known brand and you'll know it uses better components and would live longer

    but the geil has better specs and maybe it is a good not-really-known brand, it also has more bandwidth as you say

    I think if you are more adventurous get the geil
    if you are afraid of failing components get the corsair

  7. Fairly put! I have a bad history with Corsair so im somewhat bias against them, although their dominator ram is good. Geil is not as well renowned, but after doing some research they arent as bad as they seem.

    1. So if you think corsair has low quality, go for the geil, if most people say it's better in terms of quality and is better in bandwidth then you should buy it

      still price should be a factor

      (BTW, I think your mothboard didn't die because of low quality but because of the high overclock, ASUS motherboards usually overclock better than gigabyte ones, but testing them yourself would be better)

      We still want ubuntu benchmarks too

  8. It had nothing to do with the overclock thats for sure. And for the 990fx, gigabyte and asus are pretty much neck and neck for oc range, however i did see a review where they got a 300 mhz higher oc switching to the ud7 from the crosshair V on the same chip.