Sunday, 18 March 2012

3DMark11 Extreme : Nvidia GTX 680 SLI vs. AMD 7970 Crossfire Overclocked!

3DMark 11 Extreme Scores @ Same GPU Clock

First Corner: Nvidia

Intel i7 3960x @ 5.0 Ghz
2132 Quad Channel Memory  Cl9
Nvidia GTX 680 x 2 in SLI @ 1150/1803 Mhz

SCORE: X6243


Second Corner: AMD

Intel i7 3960x @ 4.5 Ghz
2132 Quad Channel Memory  Cl8
AMD 7970 x 2 in Crossfire @ 1150/1750 Mhz

SCORE: X7896



Intel i7 3960x @ 5.0 Ghz
1600 Quad Channel Memory  Cl8
AMD 7970 x 2 in Crossfire @ 11001750 Mhz





  1. taking into consideration nVidia SLI is horrible, the gap between single cards gets smaller, and that nVidia's card is stocked higher, that means the gap is even smaller

    but in the second benchmark the difference between clock speeds nearly equals the difference between stock clock speeds, this means that only the horrible SLI should be taken into consideration, and the difference between CFX and SLI can't be that big, unless nVidia's SLI is too horrible to be considered, or for the card to be bought

    and the difference between clocks won't matter that much because everyone would want to overclock his card to get free perfomance, I still don't know the overclocking potential of both cards under stock voltages, so we must take this into consideration, but I guess the AMD card would have more overclocking potential, because it has lower stock speeds

    Anyways, given the information we have, I think we have a winner by a great margin, AMD

    I wish the use the money they get from the graphics cards to make (even) better CPUs, and of course, GPUs

    the future looks really exciting, with trinity coming out this summer, we'll see how it fares, and more importantly, we're waiting for Vishera

  2. I have to point out...whoever did the OC messed this up big time. It was OC'd to the point that it was clocking itself back down and giving stock performance.

    On my 4.8ghz i7 2600k, with only a +135mhz gpu clock offset and +500 memory clock offset, I scored 7017 in 3d mark extreme. Oh...and this is on my shitty asus p8p67 evo. Which means the cards are running in 8x/8x mode too.

    Research OC methods and try it again. With a 5ghz 3960x and quad channel memory on a proper 32x/32x pcie 3.0 board, the GTX 680 should be equal to the 7970 crossfire. Give or take 200 points.

  3. The 680 sli test was revealed before the official release of the gtx 680, so is could be due to drivers, but it seems about right if you compare to what is found in reviews. Look at hardwareheaven's review, a stock 680 sli system with a 3960x scores 6059.

    remember that a 680 runs to turbo 1110 mhz at stock settings, so the overclock to 1150 mhz is very minimal compared to the overclock on the 7970 from 925 mhz.

    You score 7017 at 1060 mhz on your 7970 crossfire setup.

  4. My score with the GTX680 windforce was only a few points under X7000, taking into consideration that my gpu clock with turbo was hitting 1202 mhz!

  5. of course this is in sli mode : gtx680