Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Battle of the Ultrathins Round 2 : Gaming Benchmarks

Richland (25W)
AMD A10-5745m
2.1/2.9 Ghz Turbo
AMD 8610G - 384 Shader Units

Haswell (15W)
Intel i5 4250u
1.3/2.6 Ghz Turbo
Intel HD 5000

Settings: IGP/Value Settings from Anandtech - 1366 x 768 

"The graphics unit called Radeon HD 8610G offers all 384 shader units (VLIW4) and is slightly faster than the HD 7660G. The core is clocked at 533-626 MHz (turbo)" 

The 7660g will be compared with the HD 5000 in this case. 


GRID 2 : Winner AMD by +8.8%

Haswell : 43.1 FPS
Richland : 46.9 FPS

Tomb Raider : Winner AMD by +6.3%

Haswell : 28.3 FPS
Richland : 30.1 FPS

Sleeping Dogs : Winner AMD by +43.9%

Haswell : 24.6 FPS
Richland : 35.4 FPS

Metro Last Light : Winner AMD by +49.3%

Haswell  : 13.6 FPS
Richland : 20.3 FPS

BioShock Infinite : Winner AMD by +26.5%

Haswell : 20.4 FPS
Richland : 25.8

The HD 5000 found in the Macbook Air is only a fraction better than the HD 4400, and even has worse performance in some benchmarks and games. It looks like Iris was only effective at the 55W range, performance plumets as power decreases. AMD maintains a similar performance across all form factors from ultrathin to laptop to desktop, and this range will decrease further with Kaveri. 


  1. However Intel Haswell at 15 watts has much lower power usage then Kaveri will ever be able to achieve!!!

  2. AMD really needs to lower power consumption and up performance per watt and battery life but AMD has failed to do that so INTEL WINS AMD LOSES FATAL K.O.!!!!!

  3. Intel haswell is meant to increase performance per watt and battery life and it does its job VERY WELL UNLIKE AMD!!!!

  4. Intel has to use 28W with iris 5100 to even match AMD's gaming performance. With the introduction of Kaveri and HSA it wont even be a competition.

    1. So what that still uses far LESS power than AMD's Richland or Kaveri. Intel haswell is built for performance per watt and that's what counts for me. I don't buy desktop chips because they use too much power. Intel WINS AMD LOSES BADLY!!!!!!

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    1. Well it would seem that AMD might be competitive in the server market but that means less than nothing to me. Wrong AMD ARM chips SUCK ASS!!!! Also AMD chips are plain ARMv8 cores and ARMv8 cores suck up power just like EVERY OTHER AMD chip in existence!!!!! SO AMD ARM cores will use a lot more than 10 watts for 16 cores. Intel haswell crushes AMD in power usage right now!!! AMD has NOTHING on INTEL!!! Not even Kaveri will change AMD bad power consumption. But Intel haswell chips can play some games this time around.

  6. The thing is jm12..battery life quickly becomes useless if things cant be accomplised properly, ie intel's atom processor and unplayable games, or un-runnable benchmarks..

    Playability is around 30 FPS avg .. intel's HD 5000 cannot keep up with modern games at 1366 x 768 resolution on medium.. With the next generation of games you will see a tip in AMD's favor at low power in the next year.

    If you are soley talking performance per watt for desktop cpus and electricity costs, AMD is focusing its energy on the server market where its more than just 10 dollars a year difference. Their steamroller lowpower flagship server APU is 8X yes EIGHT TIMES the performance per watt when compared to their current 6386SE 16 core flagship.

    You will see jumps in performance for certain tasks from 100%-600% with the help of HuMA and HSA with AMD with no real change in battery life. On top of that with their ARM processors which are 2.0 ghz 16 cores they will achieve 4 times the raw cpu performance per watt when compared to their current quad core jaguar cpus. Intel will not have any sub 10W CPU to compete with this.

    Its no wonder Intel's Haswell EX servers are going to 15 cores 30 threads.. They know better than I do what AMD has up their sleeve and what has to be done to keep the markt competitive.

    1. AMD can go suck it as far as servers because that doesn't matter to me. Mobile matters to me and small desktops that AMD can't even compete in. AMD is wasting its time in server market but then again that is to be expected when Intel crushes them everywhere else.

    2. You think the industry cares what you think? hah

      You can care what you think, but when you make contradictory statements on performance then fall back onto battery life its just funny. Kabini is not far behind haswell ulv in battery life, 4.58 hrs for kabini and 5.53 hrs for the air. Both render games unplayable so would definitely not be bought for modern gaming. Difference is the air is over a grand, and kabini will be in the 399-599 range. Depending on what you need done, i would say AMD's ultrathins bring an overall advantage when compared to intels if your going to be doing any gaming and at a much lower price. Plus who uses their battery to game on a laptop anyways? haha

    3. No the industry doesn't care I know that but same goes for you. Wrong Kabini gets far less load battery life. That depends on what games you want to play. But for 20 watts Intel haswell does a damn good job with gaming and OpenCL performance. Wrong AMD is limited by their CRAPPY CPU's just like always. I don't but it is one way to determine load power.

  7. Intel cant compete with Richland 8610g + 8570m coming out in ultrathin form factor soon! This is basically the bare minimum you'd need to run any modern game with mid fps staying above 30 fps.

    1. AMD hybird crossfire doesn't work all that well in windows and doesn't work under linux so that is POINTLESS FOR ME. It also uses a lot more power and battery life than ANYTHING Intel Haswell's got.

  8. Remember AVG fps is not MIN FPS.. if AVG is 30, then this means its barley playable because drops to under 10 fps would not be uncommon.

    1. So what you RABID AMD fanboi!!! INTEL WINS AND AMD LOSES BADLY!!! Servers might make money but they don't sell lot especially when's IPC sucks EGGS!!!!! AMD needs chips with GDDR5 memory and super fast IGP's at low power levels.

  9. Check your facts, my battery life figures are straight from anandtech .. you believe what you want to believe.

    1. Please show me? AMD kabini can't even compare to Intel haswell in battery life especially load battery life.

  10. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7085/the-2013-macbook-air-review-13inch/6


    Look at Heavy Load for both

    1. Yep but even so Intel haswell still has much better load battery life. ANd the best part is Intel haswell is MUCH FASTER in both CPU and IGP.

    2. Are you saying Haswell IGPU is faster than Trinity or even Richland? because i seen tons of Benchies where even Trinity is miles ahead of 4770k IGPU.

    3. No I was saying its so much faster than Kabini's IGP and CPU while using about the same amount of power. Trinity uses a lot more power than Intel haswell ULT but Trinity still has a sucky CPU.

  11. Yes but like i said intel needs to draw more pwoer at 28W to tie AMD's performance.. so they both have their own pwer comfort zones, thats beside the point..

    The real factor is price.. id rather pay 399 for a sick kabini a4-5000 ultrathin exactly the same as an air for 1050, where i lose out on some cpu, but whos graphics is only behind by 25%..

    1. AMD won't be cheaper you RABID AMD FANBOI!!!! Oh you are so wrong about HD 5000's IGP performance in fact its easily 3 times faster than ANYTHING Kabini has and uses LESS power to boot. You always play the price card when I am right and you are wrong.

  12. And the difference between 4.58 and 5.53 hrs of battery life on heavy load.. cmon jm12 thats nothing to justify such a huge price diffrence.. even the i5 with hd 4400 is like 10% worse in gpu and much cheaper.

    1. Wow you really are an IDIOT!!!!! Your missing something VERY important about the HD5000. It was meant to lower power consumption not increase performance. Wrong it isn't cheaper sorry. Intel gets much battery life and is a lot faster than Kabini but it is more expensive than AMD that is for sure.

  13. Because ultrathins are not desktop replacements just yet... they generally are used for lighter tasks regardless ..

    1. That may be but AMD has already lost the ultra-thin war by not being able to keep up with ARM!!!!

  14. If were going to talk desktop replacement for ultra portables AMD is on a better track then intel.. although nvidia is doing their thing too.

    1. Wrong Intel is much better on track because now they can compete with ARM.

  15. Again you proove to the whole world you do absolutley no research haha.. look at the anandtech reviews i links dummy, go to game section or 3dmark and compare, they are both identical in the sense that they cant run any modern game smoothly period, and that they can run older gen games smoothly.

    1. You're Wrong it DOES MATTER. You're just saying that because AMD has lost you can't find anything other than "price" that they are good at. Intel's HD5000 is 3 TIMES FASTER than 15 watt Kabini.

  16. They both lose in the sense that humans cant use a cheap device to replace their desktop needs any time soon. It has nothing to do with the watt envelope dummy, that number only relates to battery life or overall system power usage .. which you continue to ignore and which is pretty hilarious.

    1. AMD's Kabini sucks when compared to Intel's ALMIGHTY HASWELL!!!! Intel haswell even uses less power. But neither can play games on the highest settings so what AMD STILL LOSES FATAL K.O.!!!

  17. If your going to want to game on a 25W envelope AMD crushes intel period...

    Richland ulv is equal to 7660g Trinity Flagship plus or minus error

    1. Sorry that's NOT IMPRESSIVE because Trinity has a 19 watt solution that could do that as well. AMD richland IS NOTHING MORE than a slightly higher clocked lower battery life version of trinity.

  18. So if all you care about is envelope prove me wrong

    1. I care about performance per watt and power envelope and AMD FAILS AT BOTH OF THEM BADLY!!!!

  19. Kabini was designed to combat celeron/pentium not haswell ulv, which it will do very well i think.

    1. Kabini is going to get quickly crushed by Intel haswell. Kabini may be cheaper but NOT BY ENOUGH!!!!!

  20. The only difference to justify the price is the cpu, not the gpu as intel has not really proved they can even keep up with richland in terms of gpu in ultrathins. I still am looking forward to dual graphics ultrathins.. as they will meet the minimum standard for desktop replacement for gaming.

    1. Dual graphics don't work very well on non DX-11 games and I run none of those. Yeah from a performance junkies point of view not from a performance per watt point of view from which they FAIL BADLY!!!! They really don't work well with older games that I like to run or Opengl games.

    2. you sure?
      I'm certain that valve's source engine uses openGL (how else has it been ported to linux and mac?) and it scales BETTER for multi-GPU than most directX games I have...

      Older games...

      Seriously, what OLD games do you have that can tax even weak modern processors?
      anything older than 10 years should be able to run on the most mediocre system of today, regardless of who designed the chips. (you will have to run half of them in compatibility mode, but still..)

      There is a reason that opterons are used in supercomputers. FX based modules drop their power consumption by a lot when they are clocked lower, letting you add more modules for equivalent power, giving you 1/2 the clock for 1/4 the power/core, letting you quadruple your core count, giving you twice the multi-threaded computer power for the same Watts. like you, companies that build supersomputers look for performance/watt. Unlike you, they like more cores because of how supercomputers run.

      Finally, AMD's GPUs are actually quite ridiculous on the power/performance scale.
      The HD 7990 will wipe the floor in terms of compute power with any CPU, and will pretty well destroy NVIDIA cards as well, with the exception of their dedicated compute boards.

    3. But the FX series WILL NEVER MATCH haswell in power usage or performance per watt. Wrong supercomputer are based on Xeon Phi because AMD can't even come close to INTEL'S ALMIGHTY AWESOMENESS!!!!! Intel haswell rocks for mobile and AMD's FX and Jaguar SUCK SO MUCH ASRE that AMD IS FINISHED!!! And Kaveri will be the FINISHING BLOW TO AMD!!!!! DIE AMD DIE!!!!! PS2 and GC emulation can. Higher IPC IS BETTER but AMD would have none of that they just wanted to shove their CRAPPY server chips down everyone's Throat and it backfired BIG TIME now AMD is on the VERGE OF DESTRUCTION!!!!!

    4. "But the FX series WILL NEVER MATCH haswell in power usage or performance per watt. Wrong supercomputer are based on Xeon Phi because AMD can't even come close to INTEL'S ALMIGHTY AWESOMENESS!!!!!"

      Titan - Opteron 6274 and K20 cards
      2.143 GFLOPS/watt

      most efficient on the 2013 list? 2.973 GFLOPS/Watt, with Xeon E5 and...
      wait for it....

      ATi Firepro cards....

      Surprisingly, the most efficient systems have either an AMD component or Custom components

      Titan, after which NVidia's favourite card is named, uses Opterons and is one of the most power efficient on the list.

      Tiahne 2 uses Xeon E5s as well, and is below the 2000 gflop/w mark.

      "Intel haswell rocks for mobile and AMD's FX and Jaguar SUCK SO MUCH ASRE that AMD IS FINISHED!!!"

      when did I even mention mobile (then again, this is called battle of the ultrathins...)
      What is asre? Is it a type of drink that makes your chip designs pretty decent and competitive even a node or two behind with much less money?

      "PS2 and GC emulation can."

      Play station and game console?

      Well, depends on oh wait, what's that?
      current gen (ps3/xbox 360) used a number of cores?

      If you use an emulator that supports multiple cores, you're fine.
      Better yet, why don't you hack your computer to support the xbox OS or the PS3 OS? you can do that. Or, for that matter, do away with your PC, and install linux on a PS3. (that is a joke.)

      "Higher IPC IS BETTER"
      [sarc]No, really? I thought it should be lower![/sarc]

      "but AMD would have none of that they just wanted to shove their CRAPPY server chips down everyone's Throat and it backfired BIG TIME"

      AMD server chips are more effective than intel chips in some situations. you know, in server situations? the ones that make use of more cores better than threads? Apart from game hosting, I can't really think of a situation where less cores at faster is really helpful. More cores = more parallel operations. Servers = built for parallel operations....

      You don't need bigger IPC if the cores you added are more effective that increasing IPC. The performance/power of these chips is pretty well even or better than xeons.

    5. Wrong again CHUMP: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/other/display/20130701184816_Nvidia_Tesla_Powers_World_s_Most_Energy_Efficient_Supercomputer.html. And you want to know the BEST PART NO AMD!!!! That's impossible you can't run PPC on x86. Higher IPC is better NOT MORE CORES which is useless to me and only good in supercomputers where AMD is FAR OUTCLASSED BY NVIDIA!!! Intel ROCKS OUT LOUD AND AMD SUCKS OUT LOUD!!!! PCSX2 barely has quad core support and Dolphin only has DUAL core surport SO INTEL's HIGH IPC is far better THAN EVERYTHING AMD's GOT for me and most people who need great CPU performance. No AMD's BACON IS COOKED THEY are FINISHED!!!!! AMD can't STOP SUCKING!!!!

    6. DID YOU EVEN NOTICE that I did in fact say that the Titan contains k20 cards? you, know, nvidia compute boards? The powerful ones?

      My point was that the top supercomputers all have an AMD component or have custom components. Most energy efficient uses Xeons and Firepros.Observation of other supercomputers leads to the conclusion that the Firepros are the things that increase the efficiency.
      Firepros push systems to 3000mflops/watt,
      k20 systems are stuck at 2000mflops/watt
      Look at the top 500 (all you have to do is google "top 500" and get their lists)
      Most efficient is xeon e5 + AMD Firepro

      Instructions/cycle*cores is what matters to me. I do realise that intel is better on the Instructions/cycle, but their cores/threads don't scale as well. I render stuff. AMD utterly owns intel for price/performance here. Even the mighty 3770k falls before my FX-8350.

      I do want a 3970x though. That'd be awesome.

      |||Warning - Poker Metaphor ahead|||

      AMD cards are easily as good as and usually (when settings and resolutions increase) better than nvidia (7970 > 680 > 7950 > 670 > 660 > 7870 > 7850 etc), but nvidia holds the cards of both CUDA and Physx.

      Owning a FX-8350 makes it sooooooo much easier to go for an AMD GPU because you have processor resources to spare or Physx. Install the patch, boom, your 2 core/4 core/whatever core game is now able to run with physx.

      OpenCL is the CUDA Killer, with better performance on the same GPUs. CUDA can still handle larger programs than OpenCL, but with more improvements, what started off as Intel's card through apple may just come back to kill both nvidia and intel.

      HSA and HUMA will allow massive leaps in OpenCL power on AMD Machines. Leaps large enough that AMD might just end up on top, especially if things get coded for OpenCL more, which will probably happen due to the fact that it runs on everything. (in the same way that the Linux kernel runs on the majority of *computers, due to it's ability to run on the majority of computers.)

      AMD's Bacon is most probably not cooked.
      Given that there is a large group of companies that are trying to bring down Intel and Nvidia by working together, (ARM, Samsung, Via, Qualcomm, AMD, Texas Instruments) and given AMD's and ARM's business deal thing with the use of each other's tech to do stuff better, it is in ARM's best interest to acquire or loan money to AMD to prevent the loss of one of the biggest companies in that consortium.

      Don't get angry at us if darth intel gets removed from his seat because the rebels are too inventive and too numerous.

      *Note that by computers I mean laptops + desktops + servers + supercomputers + (the big one) Phones

    7. Nope Intel and NVIDIA RULE supercomputers AMD HAS NO CHANCE!!!!! Intel and Nvidia rock out loud especially for Linux where AMD SUCKS HARD!!!!! Wrong Intel is focusing on mobile and it will FRY AMD BACON TO A CRISP!!!!! HSA and HUMA are just fads made up by AMD to trick people into buying THEIR SUCKY PROCESSORS!!!! AMD does NOT OWN in rendering INTEL DOES and they use less power to do it. Intel's 4 cores are far better than AMD SHITTY 8 CORES!!!! Wrong The Best is Intel Xeon/Intel Phi. Intel rules AMD SUCKS ASS!!!! No ONE CAN TAKE DOWN THE ALMIGHTY INTEL!!!!!!

    8. Jeez, do you even read what I said?

      FIREPRO - Defining Factor of 3000MFlop/Watt Supercomputer. AMD card.

      I run linux, no discernible difference on blender (remember, I use blender a lot so it is the defining factor for me), maybe a few seconds over an hour.

      HSA and HUMA allow CPU and GPU to use the same memory.
      Have you ever programmed anything that uses both a GPU and CPU?
      Do you know how much time can be saved and therefore how much computing power can be unleashed when you remove a transfer bottleneck? a ridiculous amount. Once they finish the offloading of calculation from CPU to GPU, HSA will allow an enormous increase in math capabilities. In any number crunching, Fusion APUs will be more powerful than a Xeon. I said it. Simply put, GPU Crushes any CPU in pure number crunching. the final incarnation of fusion will allow the CPU to use GPU offloading to do maths.

      mmmmmmm delicious bacon

      I have said before, My 8 cores/8 Threads machine handles the blender load better than a 4 core/8 thread 3770k. Not much better, but better. I would say a $200 CPU beating a $350 CPU is a win. Once OpenCL rendering is in blender, CPU choice is irrelevant. My 8350 will not bottleneck a single card, regardless of card. dual cards maybe, but not one.

      I can take down intel. All I have to do is buy something else.

      To say nothing of a group of companies who are leaders in their respective markets (top 3, most of them).

      Not to mention IBM, who could probably take down intel within an hour. (after the contracts run out. IBM wouldn't unless intel was doing something stupid or evil, but the point still stands.)

      The development communities can take down intel.

      Pretty much anyone could take down intel, but no-one does. No one will take down the napoleon of the farmyard, because he gives us food, and sustenance, and even though it seems dull, it is far better than that which snowball could have given

      oh, sorry, forgot not to draw parallels between monopolies and socialist dictatorships.
      Have a nice day!

    9. No you're Wrong Intel can't be beat and AMD's Sucky Linux Drivers really make it A NO GO option for me. I have read animal farm and it was an interesting book back in high school. Sure the GPU is faster than the CPU at math but it can't replace the CPU in non-parallel tasks. OpenCL won't work well under Linux if AMD keeps neglecting their Linux Drivers. What could IBM do to take down the ALMIGHTY INTEL? If AMD can't take Intel down who can?

    10. I hadn't noticed the "Sucky Drivers" issue. Even then, have you tried making linux for a machine? The driver issue can be overlooked if you *make linux for the machine.

      At least you got the animal farm reference.

      My point was that AMD is doing GPU offloading and Intel isn't, because AMD has good GPUs to offload to and intel doesn't. And the issues with memory and timing can only be solved by HSA/HUMA. Logic (non-parallel) is done on CPU, maths on GPU. Gives you a big advantage, CPU no longer has to waste cycles on math.

      Advantage AMD


      They have patents on the processes, patents on the technology behind the manufacturing process, patents on the components that make up the processors and patents on processor design. Intel/AMD pays them money to use such patents.

      If IBM decide to refuse that money and not allow intel to use those devices, intel CANNOT MANUFACTURE one more chip without doing something illegal.

      IBM Doesn't do that because they get far more money by charging for the use of the patent that sueing someone over the use of it.

      *Make means that your machine compiles the linux kernel for itself. You can get double digit percent increases in performance in most things by doing this, regardless of what processor you use. The increase is, funnily enough, bigger on AMD machines than intel machines. When I get the chance I'll make ubuntu 12.04 for both my computer and the 3770k computer and then post the blender results.

    11. I haven't compiled the Linux Kernel in a long time. Last Time I did that was to Install Gentoo Linux. Because Intel doesn't need to offload to the GPU because their CPU's don't suck like AMD's do. Really I didn't know that about IBM. I know what make is though. Really I would like to see those numbers?

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