Friday, 14 June 2013

AMD FX 9590 Crushes intel in this brand new benchmark

 HWBOT Prime Beta version 0.6.6, Overclocked battle

Piledriver Flagship
AMD FX 9590
Overclocked : @ 5.2 Ghz  for 8 Threads

Steamroller Flagship
AMD FX 9650 
Overclocked : @ 5.4 Ghz for 8 Threads

IvyBridge Flagship
i7 3930k
Overclocked : @ 5.0 Ghz for 12 Threads

AMD FX 9590

Overclocked : 6812

AMD FX 9650

Overclocked : 7597

Intel i7 3930k

Overclocked : 5963

AMD FX 9590 at 5.2 Ghz trounces intel's flagship 3930k at 5.0 Ghz by +15%. The AMD FX 9650 at 5.4 Ghz on the other hand is in a whole new playing field, surpassing intels 3930k at 5.0 ghz by a whopping 27%, and beating their own Piledriver flagship at 5.2 Ghz by +11.5%.  



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  2. ok next time use the intel 8080 vs the bulldozer....this site is a fags