Thursday, 4 July 2013

LEAK : Steamroller = Up to 25% IPC BOOST from Piledriver (20% AVG)

"The biggest architectural change Kaveri APU features is the use of the latest 28nm Steamroller architecture that is a true multi-threaded architecture focusing on enhancing the IPC (Instruction-Per-Cycle) by up to 25%." Wccftech

Steamroller 20-25% IPC increase further supported as the leaks come out for Kaveri. Believe what you want, all I can say is you will be pleasantly surprised! 

AMD FX 9650 
4.5 Ghz with 4.8 Ghz Turbo 
125W TDP

AM3+ 1090FX - Up to 2933 DDR3 Mhz Ram

Coming Soon!



  2. NOT GOOD ENOUGH AMD you are still A LONG WAY from catching up to Intel. Not Only does AMD need to catch up to Intel in IPC it needs to catch up to Intel in power consumption. Temash is NOT GOOD ENOUGH EITHER!!! Temash gets creamed by Intel's 22nm atom in every expect GPU but on a tablet that doesn't matter all that much battery life is what matters on a tablet and INTEL IS KING!!!!!!

    1. @jml2

      You are an idiot and an retard.

      AMD will sooner or later catch up in IPC since Intel now constantly hits its the wall with its Core CPU's that have roots all the way back to Pentium 3, yes pal. You got an Pentium 3. Idiot.

      Power consumption for desktops is not as revelant as on mobile and because Intel focused way much on mobile, Haswell turned into pure joke on desktop. In most cases inferior to Ivy Bridge in terms of overclocking and only 5% improvements in terms of IPC, so now deal with it.

      CloverTrail+ in Cinebench 11.5 single thread at 1ghz scores 0.10 points, BayTrail is 50% faster thus it scores 0.15 points at 1ghz while AMD's Temash scores 0.26 points at 1ghz.

      Bay Trail specs leaked:

      I looked at specs and I compare to Temash and you are going to rage really hard and tell that I am lying but I am not ;)

      A4-1200 Dual Core Temash 1ghz TDP:3.9w SDP:2.2w beats:

      E3810 Single Core Bay Trail 1.46ghz TDP:5w

      E3821 Dual Core Bay Trail 1.33ghz TDP:6w

      E3822 Dual Core Bay Trail 1.46Ghz TDP:7w

      E3823 Dual Core Bay Trail 1.75ghz TDP:8w(actually equal)

      Now, you see.

      A6-1450 Quad Core Temash 1ghz TDP:8w SDP:4.75w beats

      E3840 Quad Core Bay Trail 1.91Ghz TDP:10w SDP:5w
      (E8340 is faster by 5% in CPU but A6-1450 in GPU kills it)

      Intel's GPU on Bay Trail are crap, just utter crap. Its a joke, everyone jokes about Intel's IGP since its CRAP.

      Its fact, if you can't accept it then don't but the truth was shown in your face. Hopefully you are reading this fanboi.

    2. SO what I am buying a really fast pentium 3 big deal at least it doesn't suck power like EVERYTHING AMD makes. I see you are a fanboi and thus try to put Intel in the worst light possible. Wrong again Intel atom rocks in power usage AMD temash can't even compete. AMD temash's IGP may be faster but Temash can't even beat an HD2000 so temash's IGP sucks as well. You're looking at embedded chips not the AWESOME celeron and Pentium Atoms. The A6-1450 IS A 14 watt CHIP NOT A 6 watt chip so I won't count it and even then it still can't beat the HD3000's IGP.

    3. Wow you just fail miserably...

      I am not fanboi as you want to believe because you want to believe that I am a fanboi while in reality you are.

      Intel's Atom currently sucks, Bay Trail will be a thing that Intel needed 2 years ago. Intel fanbois waited 5 years for next true sucessor to 1 generation Atoms. 5 freaking years!

      AMD's Temash has a GPU inside a CPU thus its actually an APU while IGP is integrated into a motherboard.

      Intel HD 2000 does not support DirectX 11 while Temash supports it. A4-1200/1250 is neck to neck to Sandy Brigde Intel HD Graphics 2000 and A6-1450 25-32.5% faster.

      A6-1450 Temash TDP is 8 watt not 6 as you claim and it does not have TDP of 14 watts except you activate performance mode when its docked to main frame/station/shell.

      They are embedded, but still they are branded >>ATOM<<!

      Most of those Pentiums and Celerons will have limited performance because of their TDP of they will throttle down thus you won't get full potential of CPU and GPU at the same times so that means worser experience when gaming.

      AMD Temash has one big advantage over Bay Trail...

      AMD Temash and Kabini share heat between CPU and GPU, depending on usage of the CPU/GPU so if you have a very heavy CPU or GPU usage then CPU or GPU can act as heatsinks.

      So, please do some research first so you don't fail.

      Also stop trolling, if you don't like it then don't come here and I doubt you will change. You Intel fanbois come to our forums and our sections of a forum and troll while we don't do anything of that to you.

      So if you want to act as a peasant then so be it. Peasant!

    4. I don't count the high powered embedded CPU's. NO AMD FANBOI I WILL NEVER STOP!!!!! I do and that's why you're such a fool. No now you're an idiot the IGP is NOT ON the motherboard is on the CPU itself.

    5. For the last time I am not an AMD fanboi, you just want to believe and you mirror your image to me.

      You don't count them because you know you will lose, isnt embedded CPU's BGA? It should consume less.

      The only logical conclusion is that Embedded Bay Trail APU's have less restrictions involving TDP thus less or no throtling to maintain its TDP rating. Jaguar also has its Embedded models.

      You are a fool because IGP was a term to Integrated Graphic Processor and it was connected to GPU on a motherboard while APU is an CPU and GPU on the same chip thus SoC.

      So GPU inside CPU is not an IGP.

    6. Doesn't matter then. However AMD still loses BADLY for they have nothing to compete with the ALMIGHTY haswell. Yeah that is true but you sound like an AMD fanboi.

    7. AMD loses in several ways, but it does not mean its out of picture completely. Steamroller could put it back on map with a bang. I don't know if you are Intel or Performance Fanboi.

      Haswell is nothing special plus you get a Haswell refresh in 2014(still 22nm). Heh.

      Well I am not, I just don't like reckless fanboi bashing.

    8. Performance per watt is key for me and AMd can't even compete on performance per watt or IPC. Wrong Haswell IS AWESOME for mobile but terrible on Desktop Boo Hoo to you dumb desktop users.

  3. Also AMD needs to fix a big problem they have before I will EVEN consider them worthy. That problem is that ALL AMD chips use FAR MORE POWER than their TDP. Its a serious problem and I don't see AMD fixing it anytime soon.

  4. No I won't be pleasantly surprised AMD fanboi because AMD needs to fix its APU issues ASAP for me to consider them. Sure AMD's got a fast IGP even without GDDR5 but AMD's power consumption is TERRIBLE AT BEST and Kaveri won't change that. This doesn't change the fact that AMD IS: And Also:

  5. Is this 20-25% IPC improvement is at the exact same speed as other CPUS? if not, then i was expecting a minimum of 30%.

    1. I was expecting more as well. Too bad AMD IS NOW PROGRAMMED FOR DESTRUCTION!!!!!

    2. @jml12

      In your dreams, if AMD dies then Intel will be forced to be split into two parts you idiot or if it does not then you will pay way more for your precious Hasbeens you idiot.

      Intel only prevailed because it bribed the OEM's and ODM's to delay or not use AMD's CPU's in period of 1999 to 2006 and Intel got fined but still Intel's act of sabotage earned them nice hefty illegal 15B$. So fuck you idiot that supports monopoly and injustice.

    3. AHAHAHAHAH.....AMD will die because their products SUCK ASS and the board is run by IDIOTS!!!!! Yes I know that but I buy the best chip for the job and that is Intel. AMD can't even compete!!!!

    4. AMD products sucks!? Nope...

      Liano crushed Intel HD 2000/3000

      Trinity/Richland crushed Intel HD 4000-4600

      Bobcat(2011) crushed Atom(2011 variant) even with Atom, Atom's ass in CPU got saved by HyperThreading. wuwuwu

      Jaguar made Atom its bitch... Bam.

    5. Wrong AMD products do suck specially when it comes to Drivers they are GOD AWFUL!!! AMD's Linux drivers are the worst and would most likely prevent from ever using AMD. Trinity BARELY won against the HD4000 and only edges out the HD4600. Bobcat WAS A POWER HOG!!!! Jaguar has made some great improvements no doubt but it stands ZERO chance against Haswell and Atom 2013.

    6. AMD Drivers are fine, better than Intels especially open source ones. AMD Linux drivers got a recent update, look it up while AMD drivers on Linux aren't the best since they don't have the money nor enough staff.

      Bobcat was not a power hog when compared to Intel's Atom from 2011 when it was released. What games you can play with an Atom? Most of the time very old games, Bobcat could even run and play Battlefield 3 while Atom can't.

      Jaguar is freaking amazing, nothing has zero chance. If it had zero chance then it would not be in HP's, Acer's, Samsungs products, it would not be inside Vizio's products also so you fail there.

      A6-1450 idle is 0.75w while when we look at the whole system power then its around 4w. Jaguar only needs 1-2 watts to play HD videos.

      Jaguar APU's don't have single threaded performance compared to Haswell and Ivy Bridge but it has 4 cores thus it can do more tasks at once(more threads).

    7. No AMD'S Drivers SUCK ASS and they are EVEN WORSE under Linux. Not MY PROBLEM its AMD's problem. Wrong Bobcat still used more power than Atom however it could play games while the Atom had lots of trouble doing the same. Jaguar While its a big improvement over the Sucky Brazos is NOT Amazing and it still SUCKS when compared to haswell. More Cores ARE NOT better because many tasks are still single threaded. I also run emuation which is NOT well threaded SO INTEL WINS AGAIN AND AMD LOSES BADLY!!!!! Wrong the whole system uses about 12 watts.

    8. AMD drivers don't suck, they do what they suppose to do. nVidia currently has an edge in drivers.

      Well how you react, it seems so that AMD drivers are your problem. You take this too personal. AMD killed raped mom?

      Not according to Anandtech, when Bobcat was released in 2011 it consumed less power than high end dual core atom, even less compared to dual core atom with nVidia's Ion.

      Bobcat was great, 50 million chips were shipped.

      You can't compare Bobcat with Haswell, are you braindead?

      Bobcat is from 2011, of course it will lose to a Haswell since its old 2 years. So you fail.

      You just don't understand? Ok, let me explain:
      More cores are better because you can do more tasks at once, if you have 2 cores and play StarCraft 2 and you want to stream then your will get a massive performance hit but if you have a 4 core CPU than the hit will be very small.

      i5 3570k is faster in games, but it will lag when playing Battlefield 3 and streaming at the same time while an FX 8350 has lower performance per core but better multi-threading performance and has more available cores for other tasks.

      Battlefield 3 can use all 4 cores/threads of i5 3570k so you don't have available cores/threads/performance for streaming while FX 8350 will have 4 taken and 4 available cores for other tasks.

      i7 3770k has 4 cores and 8 threads plus it has better multi-threading performance, so 4 available threads can be used for streaming. FX 8350 is a better choice than i5 if you want to stream and save 120-150$ and invest in a better GPU or cooling and overclock the hell out of the chip.

      Most emulators supports just one or two cores, if we were to emulate xbox 360 or playstation 3 then we would need 3 times the power of those consoles to emulate.

      Consoles have multiple chips so it would be more efficient to have 4 or 8 cores/threads used so if some consoles has 6 chips then emulating at 4 cores will be difficult and less stable than on 8 core CPU and then emulation for each chip would have dedicated cores for it thus stable emulation.

      Intel CPU's have better support on emulators, sadly I din't came across any emulator that uses SSE3 or SSE4 on AMD CPU's compared to Intel CPU's thus untapped potential.

      Emulators have problems with AMD Piledriver, mostly related to module desing so if you disable one core per module then it will be stable.

      You keep failing. You are ignorant and illiterate.

      When you measure power consumption trought a power socket you measure the entire power consumption of the system.

      Rig with i5 3570k total system power consumption at load is 180 watts on ATX board while FX 8350 has 220 watts also on ATX board.

    9. I only play games I don't stream but maybe I should soon. Emulators suck on Piledriver MORE reason not to get Shitty piledriver. Yep I know that and that's the point to measure the power consumption of the whole system. AMD's power consumption IS PITIFUL at best and horrific at worst. No I keep WINNING!!!! AMD SUCKS EGGS INTEL ROCKS OUT LOUD!!!!! Ps3 and Xbox 360 Emulation will most likely use 4 cores and thus INTEL WINS AGAIN!!!!

  6. I am not sure if this 20-25% more IPC without taking account higher frequency, now if we take into account that 20% + another 10-15% of higher frequency for the FX CPU then it may just be worthy upgrade for FX-8350.

  7. 25% IPC = 25% more instructions per CLOCK .. so this is outside of clock boosts

    1. More clocks are not better because of power consumption. INTEL HAS WON AND AMD HAS LOST. Sure Intel haswell sucks for the desktop BUT THE DESKTOP IS DEAD ANYWAYS SO INTEL WINS!!!!

    2. Ohh ok then it should be about 30-35% faster than the FX-8350 in Single Threaded Performance, and about 30-40% in Multi Threaded Performance.

    3. That's still not good enough to beat Intel. Intel has MUCH Higher IPC than AMD and not even Kaveri will trump that. Ahahahah...25% GPU increase and 25% CPU increase ARE NOT enough to save AMD in the new mobile future that is emerging. AMD is outdated and will soon be crushed by Intel and ARM.

    4. @jml12

      You are a troll, a baiter and a fanboy. If you don't like it then go somewhere else, you would be already banned in forums like Anandtech or Overclock Net. Get a life you pathetic little midget, go suck Intels blue cock, faggot.

      AMD is 50% behind in IPC while if this is true then Intel is finally getting a real competition from AMD.

      Haswell only has 5% improvement while AMD with Steamroller will have 25%, now think about it. If next Intel CPU only has 5% in IPC then AMD will catch up with Excavator and the difference will be only 5% in IPC. Lets not forget that flagship i7 for dekstops(non-enthusiast) is x770k.

      FX 45xx will demolish Haswell i3's, FX 65xx will be neck to neck to an Haswell i5 and FX 85xx will beat Haswell i7.

      Go to Anandtech and click bench and now compare the CPU's, add 25% to AMD Piledriver CPU's and you will see how it will end up.

      Also, Intel is no better than AMD in some cases.

      Bay Trail is 50% faster than CloverTrail+ that at 1ghz scores 0.10 points in single thread thus Bay Trail at 1Ghz scores 0.15 points while AMD's Temash scores 0.26

      Bay Trail will be demolished by upcoming 20nm ARM chips and AMD's 20nm "Beema"/Leopard so deal with it.

      I have done my research.

      Also, Intel's GPU's are less efifcient than AMD's and even nVidia is better than Intel. Intel drivers suck for their IGP's and AMD just stomps it several times.

      Intel IRIS and IRIS Pro are powerful but extremely inefficient, Kaveri will destroy i5/i7 Ulv's with GT3e.

    5. So what face it AMD fanboi THE DESKTOP IS DEAD and so IS AMD!!!! Wrong 20nm ARM chips will use more power than Intel x86 Atoms so Intel WINS ARM loses. ARM made a huge mistake with Cortex A-57 and A-15 by increase performance at all costs just like AMD has done. Wrong AMD's GPU's SUCK ASS I have one I should know. Wrong Kaveri can't even touch Intel haswell ULT Kaveri uses WAY TOO MUCH POWER. I see why you desktop junkies cling to AMD its because Intel ditched you guys for mobile and for apple. AMD's Drivers SUCK ASS especially for Linux which I will use with my next PC. Wrong not in single core performance which is still king and even in mutil-core performance those new FX chips still aren't faster than Intel's Core I series. THE DESKTOP IS DEAD FACE IT AMD FANBOI!!!! AMD won't be around for Excavator Sorry Pal besides AMD won't catch up with Intel until at least 2015 and by then it will be MUCH TOO LATE FOR AMD.

    6. Not fanboi, u mad fag?

      Desktop is not dead? Nope, it slows down but it will be still alive but I reckon it will go up soon after economy of the world goes up, also look at third world countries economies starting to rise. Intel is expensive, AMD is cheap.

      ARM chips use less power, there is just confusion about it. Majority of ARM chips power consumption is related to very powerful GPU's that are on the level of Intel HD 3000.

      Jonh Carmack said that AMD GPU's are superior to nVidia, only AMD drivers are worser to nVidias but not by much.

      What do you know about Kaveri? Probavly nothing, Kaveri will have power saving and heat transfering feature like on Temash and Kabini, it will have up to 25% higher IPC clock to clock compared to Trinity and considerably lower power consumption plus GCN based GPU that is twice as fast.

      AMD Linux drivers are getting more frequently and you have open source drivers that are much better than nVidias or Intels open source drivers.

      Look, Steamroller is a new core and much better than Piledriver and you should stop acting like a fool.

      Desktop is not dead, it will never be dead. Its foolish to say, don't believe the hype you reckless fool.

      AMD won't die, they have considerable wins and they got their chips in all three major consoles and some people predict that this console generation will last 10 years!

      10 years of constant revenue/profit income, not bad.

      Excavator will be 20nm SOI/Bulk or even 14nm Finfet.

    7. Wrong Intel is expensive but AMD is not cheap either. Wrong mobile is the future and the Desktop is pretty much dead. Wrong the way AMD is going they really WILL DIE!!! Wrong AMD has been in the red for a long time now. Wrong Kaveri's power usage won't be any less because 28nm bulk is no better than 32nm SOI. Wrong AMD's GPU's are inferior to Nvidia's and AMD's DRIVERS SUCK HARD especially on LINUX.

    8. You fail.

      You can't have same performance on mobile as on desktop for the same price, you can't really upgrade your laptop/tablet thus it quickly gets outdated, its more expensive.

      Mobile will in future get performance of todays desktops, but desktops will always massively outperform mobile solutions.

      Its 28nm Bulk SOI from the latest rumors, anyway it will have lower power usage compared to Trinity/Richland because it has a newer architecture that will introduce critical improvements and a more efficient GCN GPU.

      You fail again. AMD GPU's are better, why?

      nVidia GPU's were always hot, loud and power hungry, remember Fermi? Yea. nVidia GPU's are finally are on the level of AMD but only because nVidia crippled its GPGPU on their cards since GTX 600 series so basically GTX 500 series is superior to GTX 600 series in GPGPU.

      Bitcoin mining is extremely GPGPU and thats why you see Titan trailing behind Radeon HD 7970 4 to 5 times, thats why there aren't nVidia's GPU's inside Mac Pro.

      You keep AMD Linux drivers suck, I din't say its the best. It would suck if it always crashed and give you Black Screen of Death. AMD Linux drivers are useable, especially with the latest updates...

      You are just a hatter, a fanboi and a sad man.

      Get a life, get a girlfriend or fap toy your mom. Get quality time from your life and get up fromy our chair that has a shit bucket below. Have a good day, weirdo.

    9. Because AMD's Linux drivers really do SUCK ASS. Not always as Intel has proved. AMD's desktop solutions SUCK SO BAD that Intel's mobile CPU's CRUSH AMD's SHITDRIVER TO BITS!!!! AMD is better at GPGPU and do you even use bitcoin because I am still unsure about it? Intel haswell Mobile CRUSHES AMD to bits.

  8. APU AMD with HSA will be better than INTEL APU... fact 01 !!!

    ARM trounce Intel .. mobile world...everyday..fact 02 !!!

    1. Wrong HSA IS PURE BULLSHIT!!!! HSA is pure software and it SUCKS. Intel's haswell may not be as fast as Richland in IGP in most cases but Haswell is a far better OpenCL target and thus gets far more flops. Wrong again Intel DESTROYS ARM ON ALL FRONTS!!!! AMD IS FINSHED!!!! ARM IS IN TROUBLE their A-15 is a piece of UTTER DOG SHIT and their A-12 solution is going to be much too late. Oh I forgot to mention MIPS is coming back and its going to ROCK ARM's world.

    2. @jml12

      ARM and MIPS are similar you idiot, both share the same roots so yea. ARM and MIPS will be equal but MIPS is more suited for desktops so it has a chance in future to trounce x86 in some areas involving science.

      If HSA was BS then there would not be HSA Foundation, members/supporters of HSA movement are: AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, Mediatek, Sony, LG, Texas Instruments, etc..

      Intel does not have what AMD has and that is HSA/hUMA, unified memory simplifies programming, lowers latency and you have more power to play it with. If you can't understand then you are either dumb, retarded or just fanboy that has no life.

      Bay Trail is lame, ARM at 20nm will crush Bay Trail while Intel's Bay Trail will have faster CPU's, Bay Trail's GPU will be demolished by 5-8 times faster Adreno 320/330 just that you know. The guys that created Adreno GPU also in the past worked for AMD so fuck you fanboy.

      AMD is not dead, its recovering while Intel only can lose and AMD will gain, Haswell is a joke on desktop.

    3. So what Haswell is a joke on the desktop IT UTTERLY ROCKS IN MOBILE and that's all that matters. In Performance ARM and MIPS will be equal that is true but in power consumption its a different story MIPS EASILY crushes everyone in power consumption. HSA is just software just like CUDA!!!! hUMA might help AMD a little bit but it won't solve AMD's huge memory bandwidth problem. No AMD looks to be dying not recovering!!!! ARM made a huge mistake with ARM A-15 and A-57 the amount of power they use is ridiculous and they have to underclock like all heel just to get into smartphone and even then it will overheat like crazy.

    4. jml125 July 2013 20:09 ...

      you very ignorant..

      not know anything HSA and Huma will study

      HSA avoid memory paging decreasing latency total system, even using ddr3

      HSA+ APU = APU Intel beating

    5. Even HSA and hUMA will not be able to solve AMD's bandwidth problem. It won't be enough to save AMD 1 TFLOP MAX is Kaveri's limit so the IGP at best will only be 25% faster that's barely enough to edge out Iris Pro and Iris Pro will still USE FAR LESS POWER TOO BOOT.

    6. 1. HSA/hUMA is not software(its architecture)
      2. HSA/hUMA decreases/eliminates latency connected to dedicated CPU and GPU configurations.
      3. HSA/hUMA allow AI pathfinding to be done on GPU that will be done much quicker than on CPU
      4. HSA/hUMA allow larger textures, it easier to program for and more power and performance efficient than UMA APU's eg i3/i5/i7 "APU's".

      Kaveri APU can use GDDR5 and Kaveri's GPU is far more power efficient than Intel's Iris and Iris Pro and if you don't believe me then go to Anandtech forum and ask people.

      Youl get the answer, Intel's GPU consume more than AMD's.

    7. No HSA is software but hUMA is in fact architecture so you are misinformed BIG TIME. Uh NO hUMA will allow the CPU and GPU to communicate better thus Increasing performance. Kaveri WILL NOT USE GDDR5 and while Intel's GPU's do use a lot of power AMD's GPU's use EVEN MORE POWER. Intel Iris pro uses less power than AMD's 100 watt APU's and 65 watt APU's.

    8. I am not misinformed you retard. hUMA is architecture while HSA is a part of architecture also, HSA is not software because you don't have program called HSA(its a standard and an architecture since its connected to hUMA). Yes it communicates better but it also decreases latency and less bottlenecks since they share same memory and no need to copy its others data from several times.

      CPU Cache(Copy)>(Transfer)RAM>(Transfer)GPU>(Copy)GPU Cache

      Can do exsample as above or direct access.

      You can not compare desktop to mobile, its inlogical and retarded, are you fucking serious? You fail, you troll.

      Go to Anandtech and ask, you will get even from Anand himself you idiot.

      AMD GPU's on mobile are weaker but on desktop are stronger than Desktop Iris Pro. Mobile=/=Desktop

    9. HAHAH...You're just mad that Intel wins in mobile and your precious AMD can't STOP Intel in mobile which is what I care about. Yes I can and will compare mobile to Desktop and thus AMD loses BADLY!!!!

    10. get your head out of you ass.

  9. Oh God do AMD really intend to sell Steamroller FX for $450? That´s too fucking much! the i7 3770k is being sold for $320 while the i7 4770 is at $350, how does AMD intend to compete with Intel at that ridiculous high price? the 8150 started getting sold at $250 when it arrived and the 8350 at $200... in my opinion a 120% price increase over last gen is not an excuse for the mere 30-40% performance increase, this is ridiculous... i hope they do not ask that much, but at $250-280 is not that bad, but 450? they are fucking crazy.

    1. Damn Straight AMD is going to sell Steamroller FX for that price there is no doubt that AMD is raising the prices of all of their CPU's like crazy. AMD's Board is run by a bunch greedy IDIOTS that don't get the bigger picture MOBILE IS KING AND THE DESKTOP IS DEAD!!!!

    2. EtaYourius.
      FX-9000 is Premium Editions, shouldn't be calculated in the field.

      What you should be waiting for is the FX-8500, 6500, and 4500 series.
      And if I have seen that there might be an FX-8770, we should keep and eye out for FX-8700, 6700, and 4700, as well.

    3. Those chips are Pieces of crap compared to Intel Haswell mobile chips that use MUCH LESS POWER. Mobile is the future AND THE DESKTOP IS DEAD!!!!! Single thread performance and performance per watt are very important to me and AMD doesn't have them WHATSOEVER!!!!

    4. I don´t know, at that prices i rather go Haswell... since i7 4770 IPC is still much higher than anything Steamroller can do and it will still be very very competitive against Multi Threaded Applications, if AMD decides to charge this prices it will be the most idiotic Move... AGAIN... i Want AMD to succeed, but they are stupid to even try to sell Steamroller at $450, Intel will still be faster on ICP and probably be slightly slower than Steamroller.

      Bad bad move... please AMD, don´t fucking screw it this time...

    5. Those FX 9000 series are special editions, for promotion and nothing else. its not desperate move, just marketing.

      From latest information's involving Kaveri that have Steamroller cores, so 25% faster than Richland in CPU while in GPU it will be twice as fast for the most part.

      If that is true that Steamroller has 25% higher performance then FX 85xx will beat i7, FX 65xx will be very close to i5 and FX 45xx will just crush i3's that can't be overclocked.

      I doubt that top of the line Steamroller will cross 250$ mark except if they release a 10 core enthusiast FX that will then be very close or match to enthusiast 6 core i7's and when overclocked then it would crush even low end xeon.

    6. NO NO NO YOU got it ALL WRONG!!!! The CPU might 25% faster but the IGP will 25% faster and barely edge out Iris Pro which CRUSHES AMD's 100 watt APU's TO THE GROUND and uses less while doing so. AMD is pricing things higher these days so Steamroller will much more than $250 SO SUCK IT AMD!!!!!!

    7. Oh how you fail...

      Yes, the CPU might be 25% better in best case, but GPU will be much faster, why?

      I looked at various benchmarks between VLIW4 and GCN GPU's in games in most cases its 50% to 100% faster, search online.

      Iris Pro is inefficient, got to Anandtech forums and your comparison is flawed, seriously.

      Iris and Iris Pro in mobile have an egde but in desktop are neck to neck to Richland, but its way hotter.

      Intel has sucky GPU drivers, their lack experience in GPU department and Iris Pro is like an American Hotrod versus AMD's VLIW4 or GCN GPU's that are European Super-Cars.

      Doubtful that it will be priced above 250$. They are not dumb, only if they made a 10 core FX then it would go above 250$.

    8. Oh I would like to see some links comparing VLW4 and GCN please? Iris Pro isn't efficient but its better than ANYTHING AMD's GOT right now and uses far less power to boot. All I care about is mobile DESKTOPS ARE MEANINGLESS TO ME. I favor performance per watt over cost. Intel's Drivers are miles better AMD's on Linux. Wrong AMD GPU's SUCK JUST AS MUCH POWER IF NOT MORE than Iris.

    9. Heres the link:

      Those are with much older driver, so its outdated results and the difference is smaller in older games while in newer games is larger because GCN is less complex and more similar to x86 in terms of programming for it.

      Iris Pro on mobile has advantage, but its crippled by TDP limitation and its far more expensive so it won't be used much because of the price of it.

      Desktops are not meaning less because movies, video games, video editing and many other things are primarily done on a desktop and in super computers while mobile is irrevelant expect for mobile browsing and light gaming.

      Intel has the money, resources and few variants of their GPU's and its easier to program for Linux than for Windows while as I said before, AMD has less money, resources and has far more GPU models than Intel.

      You are wrong, do the research and as I said, go to anandtech forum and ask people...

    10. Uh NO GCN either uses the a bit more power for more performance or less power for the same performance. Look up AMD Radeon 7750 reviews and you will know exactly what I mean. The Desktop is dead MOBILE IS IN and INTEL ROCKS and AMD SUCKS!!!! Intel Iris Pro is more expensive but its far faster than Anything AMD's got so far. Mobile CPU's can do everything just as well as any desktop if not better and they use less power too. And thus Intel Wins for me because they have FAR BETTER LINUX drivers than AMD has right now.

  10. With the 9590, I tend to believe that your 9650 speculation could be true, but we need results and the processors.
    Everyday we don't have something that can show true comparison, I am only aiming at desktop, it is a day that these Intel bitch-fanboys keep upping their immoral company.

  11. speculate final price is a waste of time

    however I have no doubt it will be competitive at all

    1. Wrong these won't be competitive not when Intel's chips are still better than AMD's chips. But someone's got to cater to fools who want to buy desktop PC's these days and AMD it that company. Intel has seen the future and AMD is living clearly in the past!!!!

    2. I was not talking about price. I was talking about his claim that the 9650 could be real, there is no proof that there is a 9650 processor, I would like some please, hjh.
      I don't speculate by price until later, and if it benefits me/the user.

    3. AMD is going to suck this time around. Every advantage they had will disappear and Intel will look even better and AMD would screwed then. Kaveri's IGp is at best only 25% faster barely enough to edge the Iris Pro all the while using EVEN MORE POWER!!!!

    4. Nope...

      AMD will shrink the gap in single threaded performance while in multi-threaded it will be better.

      Iris Pro is less efficient than GCN, far more expensive and less powerful. Please tell me how Iris Pro will compare to Radeon HD 7750? Kaveri GPU is basically Radeon HD 7750 with GDDR5 that it supports and DDR4 in its refresh most likely.

    5. Ahahahahhahah...AMD WILL NOT HAVE GDDR5 ITS FACT!!!!! AMD will still have bandwidth issues like no tomorrow. But not by enough to matter. Wrong again Iris Pro uses far less power than AMD's 100 watt MASSIVE APU's. Sure AMD's IGP will be faster at 100 watts but it can't compare to Haswell at 15 watts which is where I am looking at. Oh by the way the best Kaveri is A 1 TFLOP part both cpu and APU. NOT GOOD ENOUGH AMD.

    6. You fail, it has been confirmed that Kaveri supports GDDR5, GDDR5 will be on desktop and latency issues most likely won't exist since its not an UMA CPU but an hUMA CPU thus no bottlenecks like in UMA computers.

      You fail, 15 watt part is an ULV and you won't get full potential of GPU and CPU. Compare desktop to desktop.

      So you fail there...

      Kaveri has HSA/hUMA thus if there is an application that supports its features then it will outperform an i5 and i7, only if program/apps support HSA/hUMA that is easier to code for.

      Go away, fanboi.

      Even if nVidia had x86 and X86-64 license, it would sooner or later beat Intel. rofl

      VIa's Nano destroyed Atom... lol

    7. No it won't have GDDR5 and I have an article to prove it: AMd is saving GDDR5 APU's for the PS4 which is going to cost AMD EVERYTHING!!!!! No YOU FAIL because you don't know what market I am looking at I am looking at the mobile market NOT THE DESKTOP market which in fact the DESKTOP IS DEAD!!! So what at least it doesn't hog power like AMD's APU's do. NEVER!!!!!

    8. Okay, if it won't have GDDR5 then it will be restricted to dual memory channel or maybe they are planning triple channel.

      But it will still beat Iris Pro by large margin, if they put triple channel memory support then its almost like GDDR5.

      "AMd is saving GDDR5 APU's for the PS4 which is going to cost AMD EVERYTHING!!!!!" <-- you fail

      You keep failing and failling and you keep going full retard and you still keep embarrasing yourself and you are an idiot and a retard and a fat jealous liar shitting ina shit bucket and licking yours mom pussy and acting like a dog because you are an retard without a life that got raped by his that and jealous because the rest of the world has normal life while you are seriously retarded and stupid and you are inlogical and stupid as a worm.

      Get out, go fuck yourself and leave us alone. You retard.

    9. But not by enough to save AMD from destruction. AMD is cheap they will only use DDR3-2933 in dual channel mode. No you and you're AMD fanboi social hall here are the dumb ones.

  12. Your ridiculous statement .. AMD live in the past .. Intel follow AMD APU

    HSA is the future for x86 and ARM ... Intel is sleeping

    1. Intel does want to close the gap between AMD's IGP and their but ARm is their real target. HSA is not the future MORE IPC and lower power usage is the future.

    2. I don´t HSA is the future for PC Gaming, more like the Future for AMD, the true future of Desktop PCs is True Multithreaded applications.

      Single Threaded will be irrelevant in the next 2 years, IPC may still be somewhat relevant though.

    3. HSA is just software that AMD made to make their inferior CPU's look better. However hUMA might have a have in AMD's future what little of it they have left. AMD is on life support Kaveri can't beat Haswell and thus AMD is in VERY HOT WATER!!!! IPC will always be important because the higher the IPC the more performance each core gets and with more cores and High IPC you get better Multi-threaded performance.

    4. HSA is not software, its architecture and Intel is going the similar way so its not oohh that sucks...

      AMD is currently living on its body fat but it will be soon out of the trouble, Top of the line Kaveri will kill Haswell i3, Kaveri's GPU will beat far less efficient Iris Pro.

      AMD CPU/APU's are not that hot, most of this undeserved reputation was caused by bad HP's laptops that had very bad cooling thus CPU's inside and south/northbrigdes got fried.

      Don't buy HP's laptops, they are cheap but most of the time they are terrible and awful support.

      IPC is important, but it won't be the primary goal since things will go towards multi-thread.

      People said that we don't need dual core and then dual core was needed, same thing for quad core and look today.

      You can't constantly improve IPC, we will hit the limit with shrinking and architectures and then the only solution is to add more cores.

    5. Uh hate to tell you this but Top of the Line Kaveri beating an I3 is hardly impressive since it uses MORE POWER To do so and the i3 has better IPC. Kaveri will be faster BUT IT WILL USE MORE POWER!!! AMD's APU's consume power like crazy Intel haswell uses FAR LESS POWER than AMD's Chips. But that time has not reached us just yet plus emulation is IPC and clock speed limited so AMD SUCKS HARD AT IT.

    6. Almost all Kaveri APU's will beat i3's, top of the line one will just destroy it. Also...

      AMD CPU's don't consume power like crazy, old Pentium 4 extreme edition guzzled 500 watts. O.O Even Bulldozer could't beat that by long shot. rofl

      Most people do not care about power consumption, especially the enthusiasts so deal with it. You are just one of those niche, there are less people like you than ARM enthusiasts.

      Also please note that top of the line Kaveri could have same single threaded performance as Ivy Brigde i3 while being just clocked 700mhz higher or 1/5 so difference in clock is 20-25% where Richland clocked at 4.8 would have same single threaded performance.

      There are 100w APU's that are unlocked and you have 65w APU's that are locked(not for overclocking).

      You can't overclock an i3 at all and now the only chip you can overclock is with Haswell must be "K" so you can't even do slight overclock on non-"k" editions.

      People care about price to performance ratio.

      So top of the line Kaveri will have almost identical performance in StarCraft 2 as an i3 3220 and it also has two more cores than an i3 plus a much powerful GPU. So you can play StarCraft 2 at 1080p or you can play at 720p and stream at the same time.

      Remember, you have two top of the line Kaveri's. One is unlocked and one is locked thus no overclocking.

      A10 6800k Richland is priced at 150$ and when Kaveri gets released then it will be priced at 130$ while I reckon that top of the line Kaveri will be priced at 180$.

      So the difference between i3 and top of the line Kaveri will be 50$ most likely, for 50$ more the top of the line Kaveri offers twice the CPU performance and twice the GPU perfomance for just another 50$.

      To get the same performance you would need two i3's that would cost you 260$, also it won't be behind in emulation.

      So suck on that, fanboi.

      I hope Intel becomes ARM's bitch. ;)

    7. Wrong again Bulldozer does get there for the whole system which is what I am counting. I wish there were more people like me and less enthusiasts the PC world would be a better place for it. Wrong Kaveri still won't be able to touch an i3 in power consumption or performance and I am NOT LOOKING at desktop PC's because THEY USE TOO MUCH POWER. Its a given that Kaveri's GPU will be faster than Intel's so what that doesn't matter If Kaveri uses twice as much power on IGP than the Core i3 does. Mobile has the best performance per watt ratio and Intel RULES MOBILE and AMD sucks as mobile!!!! Intel haswell great for mobile bad at desktops sounds like my kind of chip. Unless the 45 watt Desktop Kaveri can use less than 45 watts for the whole system I am not going to be impressed. AMD's high power usage especially when compared to Haswell Mobile IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! Wrong Intel IS GOING TO CRUSH ARM!!!!!

  13. jml12

    fallacies which you speak ... AMD APU Kaveri is on 28nm Intel APU 22nm ...AMD to 20nm in 2014..TDP better than Intel.

    Intel has nothing concrete against ARM .. only promises.


    Steamroller is focused on Multithreaded.

    1. Wrong again. AMD will NOT be on 20nm in 2014 they will still be on 28nm so SUCK IT AMD AND DIE!!!!! Wrong again Intel CRUSHES ARM TO DUST AMD can't even compare!!!!!!! Steamroller IS A PIECE OF DOG SHIT!!!!!!

    2. You are wrong...

      AMD's Excavator APU(sucessor to Kaveri) will be 20nm and FX will be 20nm in 2015 while in beggining of 2014 AMD's "Beema" or "Leopard" will be 20nm and crush Bay Trail.

      If AMD dies, then your precious Intel will be split in half and Intel has x86 license that it does not want to share.

      If nVidia does not get x86 license and its Tegras and GPU's fail then it will die sooner or later.

      ARM is more power efficient, Snapdragon 800 consumes 3 watts tops and when it goes to 20nm then it will crush Bay Trail. People underestimate ARM too much like AMD.

      Correction: Bulldozer was dog shit, Piledriver was okay and Steamroller will be the new Athlon in multithreaded performance.

    3. But not in single threaded performance WHICH IS WHAT COUNTS!!! Snapdragon is throttled and its a good chip unlike ARM's vanilla designs WHICH ARE PURE SHIT!!!! Wrong Intel and Nvidia are too big to die unlike ARM and AMD which are ripe for destruction for making SHITTY CHIPS!!!! More like AMD will Excavate their way TO DESTRUCTION AHAHAHAHAH!!!!! AMD at 20nm won't use less power so nothing will change. AMD will be faster than Atom at 20nm but use a butt ton more power to do so.

    4. Single thread performance is one of the factors even though you can't have infinite single threaded performance since we will hit the wall at 8nm and only way will be to make larger hotter cores or we could have great multi threaded performance with more and more cores.

      If development and improvements of single threaded performance would not have the wall then today we would not have multi core/thread processors but also single core will always lose against multi core cpu in multi tasking even with 60% lower IPC.

      ARM designs are reference and they sell them to various companies that could make their variants.

      Because they are too big, they can easily fall. David defeated Goliath once, so why he would not defeat him for the second time?

      Don't underestimate, it will fire back.

      Remember history of World War 2, germans underestimated russians and they lost the war. Germans though they are the best and that russians are apes and when T34 tank arrived and crushed their panzers then they were shocked.

      How those peasant illiterate russians made this monster?

      Don't underestimate or it will bite you in the as.

    5. Wrong Intel Wins even in mutil-threaded benchmarks even thought it has half the cores but 60% more IPC. AMD needs much more IPC in order to beat even with 8 cores and Intel only having 4 cores. Only problem is AMD and ARM aren't good enough even together to DEFEAT Intel let alone the HOLY MIGHT OF Nvidia and Intel. How about we have less than 1 watt power usage with x86 at 8nm instead of MORE CORES which IS USELESS TO ME as a gamer.

    6. You don't understand, it was an example you fool.

      Intel currently wins.

      AMD Piledriver is 50% behind in IPC, if Steamroller has IPC improvements by 25% then AMD literally cut the gap in half.

      Then 8 core Steamroller FX will beat an i7 4770k, if Steamroller just has 15% IPC improvements over Piledriver then it would be neck to neck to i7 4770k.

      nVidia hates Intel since Intel stole designs from nVidia. Intel HD graphics are based around Fermi so that is the reason why is hot and not so efficient. nVidia sued Intel and wanted x86 license but they only got some cash.

      You are a gamer and you want less performance?

      I know that battery life is not good because batteries don't have large capacity but in near future we will have batteries that could fuel your 8nm 1 watt CPU for months in idle for 1 month of constant usage.

  14. kkk ... jml12

    you are a kid Intel enraged ... let's wait for the facts ... Kaveri comes out in September / October

    CPU Intel mobile phones ??? ... someone saw, know, must be a Chinese name: hit me please phone.. kkkk

    1. Let's not wait for the facts because I already know them. Kaveri is going to suck power down like no tomorrow and it's only going to be 25% faster which is NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BEAT THE ALMIGHTY Haswell. That's right Intel is in phones and AMD IS NOT so AMD CAN SUCK IT!!!!!

    2. We can speculate, you can't be correct ultil it gets proved.

      Kaveri will consume less power, be 25% faster than Richland and 50-100% faster in GPU performance than Richland.

      Intel is in the phones but ARM outperforms it in total raw power. ;)

    3. For now ARM outperforms Intel but ARM uses more power than Intel. 22nm Atom will crush ARM INTO NOTHINGNESS!!!! That's a bit too optimistic AMD won't make that much for gains. Mobile is all I care about for PC so AMD has to impress me that which going to VERY HARD to impossible because Intel Haswell IS SO DAMN GOOD in mobile.

    4. ARM now outperform, Bay Trail will take the crown but in 2014 ARM will retake it and then by end of 2014 Intel will take it and then again ARM will take it in 2015. Heh.

      But still, even 22nm Bay Trail won't be close to Adreno 320 that is as powerful as Intel HD 3000...

      A bit too optimistic, yes. Unrealistic? No.

    5. Well said acutally I agree with you on the first sentence. Howeer The Adreno 320 is slower than Bay Trail's IGP. The Adreno 330 might be faster though. For Sure its too optimistic also ARM's power usage will stay about the same meaning its still MUCH TOO High for any smartphone and big.LITTLE IS A FUCKING JOKE and it doesn't work.

    6. Adreno 320 is faster, Bay Trail is like Intel HD 2000 and Adreno 320 is like Intel HD 3000 acording to various benchmarks and now imagine GPU inside latest iPad.

      Doubtful that Bay Trail will beat Apples SOC in iPad 4.

      Big.Little is okay, nothing special.

    7. I still don't think the Adreno 320 is as fast as the HD 3000 but its faster than Bay Trail but Bay Trail's CPU is faster. big.LITTLE SUCKS!!!!

  15. I have an idea
    Let's ignore any further comments from jml12 and have conversations that resemble informed debates instead of schoolyard arguments.

    Firstly, I do think that the FX-9650 is kinda just a "Hey look at this! We got the very best ones and this is what they can do". This could kinda really backfire if they turn out to be absolutely horrible, but as long as performance is better than a 4770k overall, they are going to go well (and it definitely looks that way, so yay for competition)

    Second, the Mobile market is going to cost Intel quite a lot, if this is how they'll do it, especially if it doesn't catch. They might just be sacrificing some of their desktop/laptop market if they repeat haswell.

    If this leak is correct (would love it to be for the 8550, would warrant an upgrade even after 9 months.. would probably wait till excavator though... 8750 FTW!) then steamroller may just start steamrolling intel's offerings. i3 will be dust, i5 will have fun competing with the 65x0 and the 85x0 will enroach upon the i7 territory. Next stop Excavator, to rip out the guts of intel's Core architecture. If their per core performance is on par with that of even a 3770, then even the intel extreme will fall to a $200 chip (probably end up at at least $350, best case, for a 8750 even then, AMD might want to go for a KO with a 8950, as long as performance gains drop by 5% per generation. If they stay steady for a few gens, or even increase, then intel will have a lot of fun explaining how a 32nm is eating their 22nm and 14nm chips, by which stage I expect excavator to be on at least 28nm, if not 22nm.)

    1. Agreed.

      Same thought.

      Intel is risking a lot, chances of Intel to have a success is rather slim since its new comer and ARM will again beat it, especially in GPU performance. Snapdragon 800 with Adreno 320 is just slightly slower than AMD's GPU inside A4-5000 Kabini.

      Fun fact, Adreno was developed by AMD but AMD sold its Adreno divsion to Qualcomm.

      Kaveri and Steamroller FX will just be amazing if all correct, also Steamroller is 28nm while Excavator could be 20nm.

    2. see it...

      Intel surrounded on all sides = price CPU down !!!

    3. Robots rock.
      We tend to forget about Jim Keller.
      He might bring back the crown to AMD, due to this previous success.
      Not sure if he will be debut in Excavator but he will be around for the next generation following Excavator.
      Raja Koduri returning to AMD for the graphics division, this is more a hope on the graphics.
      Things might look up.

    4. @megamanxtreme2

      I did not forgot :)

      He worked on Athlon and worked on Apples ARM CPU's so there is a decent chance that hes experience will aid AMD.

      He will debut on Excavator since when he joined AMD in 2012, Excavator was 2 years away. Now its 1.5 year away so he can definently influence it.

      It might, hopefully.

    5. Jim Keller get into AMD in time to make enough of difference before AMD's Demise!!! Everyone who faces the 800lb gorilla that is INTEL GETS UTTERLY DESTROYED just like Via did. Excavator won't come soon enough to save AMD from death AHAHAHAH!!!! Don't count on AMD making a comeback if they make a good comeback then I will apologize and I might even buy AMD but until then AMD IS TOAST!!!! Steamroller at 28nm won't be good enough to beat Intel and Kaveri AMD's last hope is going to be a HUGE disappointment as well.

    6. That 800lb gorilla got smacked couple of times by AMD.

      First Athlon, then Athlon 64, Athlon 64 x2 after than Bobcat, Liano and now Jaguar.

      Bam Bam Bam, get down.

    7. Wrong the only Intel got schooled was the Athlon 64 days and ONLY THEN. Everything else from AMD WAS A PURE HORSE SHIT!!!!! I acutally owned an Athlon 64 x2 PC AND IT WAS a PIECE OF CRAP 5 years ago.

  16. Intel haswell CAN NOT BE BEAT IN performance per watt and IPC and that is all that matters to me. AMD can't even COME CLOSE!!!

  17. AMD innovated with x86-64bits and now innovated again: HSA, Huma ..Intel kid freaks out ... kkk

    2014 .. AMD 14nm... :)

  18. Leak, Steamroller die/architecture shot/picture, a lot of improvements. Expected IPC improvements over Piledriver:
    Minimum about 20% clock to clock faster
    Maximum about 40% clock to clock faster

    1. The higher it is the better.
      Hopefully jim was mad enough to do just what we've seen, and maybe we'll end up with xeon equivalents @4.5Ghz. Even a 30% this gen would be massive, and with a 10% clock that's 1.43 times better, or only about 7% off intel's single core/thread/whatever performance. That'd be a keller- oops, I mean killer.
      40% might put AMD in the performance/core lead (154%), and with 8 cores.....

    2. I was really hoping for Saiyed Atiq Raza. He was one of the masterminds that came up with the first processor that took the crown over Intel.
      Yes, any increase at this point, as long as it is a huge step forward.
      Yes, it will be a Keller-oops of a performance enhancement.

    3. And this chip (8550) will still have a 125w TDP? yay!
      I'd agree with the people on that thread that it looks like AMD might be aiming for a 4M/8C/16T design with the 8750 (excavator)

    4. Just laughable AMD going for more cores and more power usage. For gaming and emulation those new chips from AMD ARE LESS THAN USELESS!!!! And they still use TOO MUCH POWER to boot!!!!! Yeah right one person won't make enough of a difference to save AMD and the wrong path they deiced to turn. They chose to listen to you guys instead of people like me and that is GOING TO COST AMD EVERYTHING!!!! Performance has gotten good enough with Intel chips and they are improving power usage just like AMD should be doing but aren't. AMD IS TOAST!!!!!

  19. @jml12

    You are a faggot...

    Is there a way to ban him or sue him, we can always track his IP address and found out where the retard lives, especially since linux is simpler to hack if you know where to look...

    Wish Kaveri was already released, then hacking would be easily done thanks to AI designed for code cracking. Single thread is too slow, need more cores to crack the passwords better.

    I would use PlayStation 3's Cell, but its too complex :/

    1. Wow you sound like a desperate AMD fanboi. Not even Kaveri will help you with illegal hacking YOU DUMB TOOL!!!!! It sounds like I am right and you are wrong otherwise you wouldn't be so angry. AMD is toast and it would sure be fun to see fanboi's like cry over AMD's demise but AMD demise is up to AMD and whether AMD can actually put out a really good product because otherwise AMD IS TOAST!!!

    2. You sound desperate since you claim I am AMD fanboi while there is no evidence and I am not an fanboi.

      Why I would go down to your level.

      I am not angry, just sick of you acting like a retard and writing dumb idiotic thinks that makes me sorry for being human for a second thanks to you.

      If I was a dumb tool then I would not have above average inteligence compared to you peasant.

      If I was crying then I would not be responding, but I am sick of it and I have smarter things to do like learning, watching documentaries, reading books.

      Not wasting precious time just to troll and bitch like you do since you act like a butthurt and AMD won't die.

      AMD already had its demise, now its time to get up.

      AMD has the consoles, revenue from consoles will be 1-2B$ per year so yearly profit from consoles should be 150 to 300M$ and that is just the consoles.

      AMD does not lose money on consoles otherwise they would not participate as you said AMD loses money but they don't, its illogical and retarded to think they will lose money on consoles, the multi-billion dollar industry.

      You hope that I am crying or I am being angry but the reality is that I am annoyed by your presence so I can only imagine how you act to your family and lovers.

      I think everybody hates you, I see it from your behaviour.

      AMD's Temash smokes out the competition and it will be a worthy competitor to Bay Trail in tablets and performance.

      AMD Bobcat E350 Counter Strike Source Linux Maxed Out:
      (I think the language in description is Polish, its ran on Linux native no Wine and from the text in description I figer it out that he rewrote Linux kerner specifically for E350 thus now he can run it maxed out compared on Windows.)

    3. He is only has the mindset that Intel wins at anything.
      If AMD wins at IPC, he brags TDP/Battery life.
      If AMD wins at TDP/Battery Life, he brags IPC.
      If AMD wins at both, he just says that he is not interested at that market (Servers/Desktops).

      He just wants Intel to win even if it loses.
      He is a joke to society and to himself.
      People like him usually are in mental asylums and shouldn't be released.
      I bet he was abused when he was a boy and wants to take his anger to the world.
      Also, he insists that he wants to buy a cheap laptop with performance, so he is obviously a cheaper than dirt, while we have awesome performance for the same price on gaming.
      IPC doesn't matter much anymore because most of the PCs are fast enough as it is for daily tasks. Intel can win on benchmarks, but people just use their laptops mainly for regular things. (Internet browsing, word processor)
      If you are aimed for gaming, you shouldn't be letting the computer run on battery life anyways, so it becomes irrelevant to how much you save on battery.

      If we buy AMD we are automatically labeled as idiots to him, yet he is the idiot for walking into AMD territory. He's too dumb if he is thinks we are here to support Intel, so he can rant all he wants, he will never get approval from us, unless he was on an Intel section.

      No one here cares about your TDP, no matter how much you state it. Also, you talk in reply to us as your own personal gain. (I want IPC and TDP, blah blah) Yet, no one here cares about it, so don't reply to people that don't give a damn about what you want because it is not why we came here int he first place. You reply to us, so we have to reply because we feel contended. You never had a life jml and you never will if you don't get up and go outside, and/or get a girlfriend. It is pathetic how people like you just don't have better things to do. Go read a book, watch some anime, bang a chick (girlfriend/prostitute/neighbor), and stop bothering people that are here for their own personal ambition.

      TDP and IPC favor you, while Price-Performance favor me, so why should I care if you care about TDP and IPC? You still reply to my posts, so I feel like I have my right to reply.

      You remind me of those little kids that cover their ears are stubborn with their mindset (Nah nah nah! Intel is better. Nah nah nah!), you never grew up and never will this way. I hope you get caught and taken back to your mental asylum where you escaped, and/or belong.

      Best is to just ignore him, he is a joke to himself, his family, his ideals, and his own life.

      You can call us idiots or jokes but we are at the right section. I am not at the Intel section, so I acknowledge that I have a brain. Find your right place, but no one likes you here.

    4. Please go ahead an reply its more fun this way. However INTEL ALWAYS WINS and AMD ALWAYS LOSES!!!! Keep thinking that when you're the one how belongs in a mental asylum. Then Your personal AMBITION IS AS GOOD AS DEAD!!!! Then you don't get what I doing. Someone needs to rebel in these forums to liven things up with you DUMB BORING AMD FANBOIS. Wrong Intel Wins they have NOT LOST but AMD has lost badly. By not getting into apple products AMD HAS SEALED THEIR FATE!!!!! Ok First off Intel wins in IPC and AMD WILL NEVER catch UP!!!! In Desktops and Servers INTEL STILL WINS and has much better IPC. I am buying from the mobile market and there Intel haswell WINS OVER EVERYTHING ELSE AMD stands ZERO chance in the mobile market. Trinity and Richland ARE PIECES OF DOG SHIT!!!! Price to performance ratio IS DEAD MOBILE IS IN AND INTEL is the victor!!!!!! Luka Preradović: Wrong AMD is going to have its true demise soon enough. Oh and NONE OF YOU have above average I.Q. you all have below average I.Q. for being AMD fanbois when clearly Intel is far superior!!!

    5. That's the thing you are blind, you seem to keep believing that Intel is better. All we are doing is explaining AMD's advantages and you still are with "Nope, AMD sucks and Intel wins."
      So, it is clear to everyone here that you are the idiot that needs to be taken back to the asylum.
      AMD wins and Intel always loses, that's how I see it and everyone else, so you can keep believing your ideals and I will believe mine.
      No, no one needs to rebel, you are just bored anywhere you go. I bet you start up troubles everywhere you go, yet you won't start a war in Intel's side, I bet they are boring as well. Just like my ambition is as good as dead, I claim yours as good as dead.
      I get what you are doing, always have, but still we don't just sit down and take insults, you are not at any superiority to say stuff and get away with it, trolling or not.
      Apple puts in AMD professional graphics, so they aren't pushing AMD out.

      You are part of the 5% or less that knows stuff at all, so the majority of users don't care, the majority of users buy whatever they want and AMD, along with Intel processors, perform well for their needs. The only difference is that AMD has a better advantage on the graphics for the lower prices, take that ATOM! I rather watch a 1080p video without the issue rather than a 720p and struggle with an ATOM gpu part of the APU. Then again, I keep my laptop plugged in all the time, so I am an exempt on the battery life crap. You are another story, why don't you shut up and go buy your damn Intel processor laptop? If you favor them so much, you would have your laptop with Intel graphics.

      You just put yourself at the minimum IQ for your Intel fanboyism, only idiots are stubborn with their loyalty and I just choose AMD fanboy just because you are Intel fanboy, and I don't side with stuck-up fanboys, but I have explained that I have an Intel desktop so I can't be auto-labeled a fanboy no matter how much you say it. Yet, the saying goes, "Those that judge others are really judging themselves." You can't take the beating so you have to keep chanting what you tell yourself to believe, so we can just leave it at that.

    6. SO i say the truth and you guys spout stupidity I ahouldn't bew surpised from AMD fanboi's. Here look at this: And this: Nope sorry Mr. angry desperado You are judging yourself NOT ME.

  20. No need to explain anything to jml12, he just here to say what he thinks is better just to make himself feel good, no matter what evidence is presented to him.

    Best to ignore an ignorant like him.

    I am more like ticked at hjh for nothing doing anything about it.

    1. AHAHAH...See that is what I am talking about you sound so desperate and Angry as for me I am just having fun trolling the shit out of you AMD fanboi's. The sad truth is thought AMD pretty much sucks expect for the GPU and even then AMD's APU's use too much power for the APU to be of any help.

    2. Not mad at all, just laughing at you since you are full of shit. xD lol

    3. Oh How am i full of shit? Because from I what I can tell you're the one full of crap AMD IS INFERIOR TO INTEL!!!!!

  21. jm12 you are a troll and nobody takes you seriously, megaman summed it up well.

    Look how terrible HD 4600 is in linux compared to the 8670D....
    Must be a driver issue...

    Also, if power usage is all you care about for gpu performance then why are you even talking about intel AT ALL? Imagination Tech CUSHES intel like its a joke.. Rogue 6 is a PHONE/Tablet GPU with
    over 1 Teraflop performance ... thats 60 TIMES the performance of current powervr 5 series offerings found in Ipad 4 or Galaxy S4 etc..(thats 6000% higher performance, compare that to intels jump of 150-200%) Intel's Haswell is the biggest joke i have ever seen in comparison to the rogue 6. Not only does the rogue 6 use LESS power than intel haswell, it crushes it in every front. Imagination tech really does have a monopoly when it comes to low power GPU performance.

    1. Intel still has better drivers than AMD but not by much these days. Oh yes Imagination Tech is by far my favorite mobile GPU and paired with MIPS that they bought a while ago ITS GOING TO BE AN EPIC COMBINATION OF AWESOME!!!! Yeah for once we agree on something. Good point then Intel is pointless for me and AMD isn't that great for me either. I guess I am a bit of MIPS fanboi because of how low power they are and how they crush everything at power consumption even ARM. Thanks for the tidbit. AMD uses more power than Intel does thought that's a fact no one can despite. AMD needs to fix their power consumption problem ASAP!!!!

  22. AMD lithography larger more consumption, basic.
    AMD GPU light years from Intel

    Intel has nothing to level of consumption / performance equal to ARM

    Intel this giant mired in your own size.

    1. Wrong Intel haswell crushes ARM in performance per watt which is no surprise because the ARM cortex A-15 is a power hog just like every AMD chip in existence.

    2. not freak out ... kkk

      ARM + HSA ... will dictate the future of servers

    3. You are Wrong ARM is not the future MIPS is. Watch this AMD fanbois still: and here this is AMD still: