Thursday, 11 July 2013

AMD FX 8350/9590 a Gaming Beast!

More Evidence ... From Kitguru

Check out the HUGE gains in power consumption for the FX 9590 at 5 GHZ ON AIR! JUST ABOVE A STOCK FX 8150 in power consumption! AMD FX 8150 at 4.8 uses 586 W, the FX 9590 at 5 Ghz uses 317W Just wait for steamroller! 

AMD FX9590 Test System

Processor: AMD FX9590 8 Core processor @ 5ghz
Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5
Cooler: Corsair H100i (performance mode) / BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 2
Graphics: Sapphire HD7970 6GB Toxic (Synthetic section – Catalyst 13.6 beta) and ASUS GTX780 Direct CUII OC (Games testing – Forceware 320.49)
Memory: 16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro Series @ 2,133mhz (10-11-11-28)
Power Supply: Corsair HX850
Optical Drive: Asus BluRay Drive.
Chassis: Lian Li X2000
Boot Drive: Patriot 240GB Pyro SE
Storage Drive: Patriot 240GB Wildfire.
Monitor: Apple 30 inch Cinema HD

Gaming compare system:
Processor: Core i7 3960 X Extreme Edition @ 4.4ghz
Graphics Card: ASUS GTX780 Direct CU II OC (Forceware 320.49)
Cooler: Antec 920 H20
Memory: 16GB G.Skill 2,400mhz @ 10-11-10-30
Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Power Supply: Enermax Platimax 1250W
Optical Drive: Asus BluRay Drive
Chassis: Lian Li PC-A77FR Aluminium Red Full Tower Case
Boot Drive: Patriot WildFire 120GB
Secondary Drive: 1TB Samsung
Monitors: Dell U3011

AMD has better power consumption than the 3960x OC and ties in REALWORLD gaming performance! 
Remember the 9590 is basically an FX 8350 OC! With multi-threaded games coming out, AMD will be the best bang for you buck! 


3DMark 11

Intel i7 970 6C/12T @ 4.6 ghz SEVERE BOTTLENECKING 7970 toxic 
compared to AMD FX 9590 at 5 Ghz


INTEL i7 970 @ 4.6 Ghz (12T)

AMD FX 9590 @ 5 Ghz (8T)

Thats a HUGE 23.7 % difference in GPU SCORE (FPS)!!!


AMD surprisingly* completely crushes Intel in Gaming with real world non-synthetic tests. Watch both videos! 


  1. AHAHAHAH...No AMD doesn't crush Intel. INTEL CRUSHES AMD TO BITS!!!!

    1. Oh yea? Then please explain me when AMD crushed Intel with Liano and Bobcat in 2011 or how AMD's Temash crushes CloverTrail+ into tiny bits... Look what he found, also I found this Enjoy.

    2. Llano sucked down power like no tomorrow and Bobcat sucked as well but they did usher in the era of good enough IGP's.

    3. @Jesse Lee

      Total power consumption(entire PC/System) with Liano A8 3870k was 200 watts at load and 62 at idle while an i5 Sandy at load 140-150 watts and 64 at idle.

      Liano literally crushed the competition, cannot be denied.

      Bobcat was very power efficient in 2010/2011, beating Atom series of its time. Better CPU and superior GPU performance compared to Atom+ION.

      Now we have Temash and Kabini from AMD.

      It was kinda funny how Temash/Kabini beat Ivy Bridge in terms of power consumption and heat.

      I like the feature heatsink of Temash/Kabini, CPU and GPU share their heat and if one or another is cooler than it can take some heat thus reducing overall temperature per X-Y space thus lower overall heat.

      Supposedly Kaveri and Steamroller FX use have same feature as Temash/Kabini. So yea, also there was a leaked shot of Steamroller cores and couple of prominent members on Anandtech disected and said that it could give IPC increase per clock by 30 or more percent.

      Those guys that said that were CPU architects that worked for AMD or Intel. So yea.

    4. And thus Intel wins in power usage in fact it crushes AMD in power usage and IPC. It sounds like you are an AMD fanboi because Intel has better CPU's and just as good IGP's. Idle Power usage isn't useful to me full load so INTEL WINS AMD LOSES FATAL K.O.!!!! Kabini and Temash have far less performance per watt than even Ivy Bridge does. Not to mention Ivy bridge is MUCH FASTER!!! That would be great if true but AMD really needs to get power usage down by a lot to compete with Intel Haswell.

  2. AMD's CPU's still suck ass.

  3. Explain to me how the AMD cpu doubles the intel's in fps?

    1. Only when streaming and playing games and no sensible person does that so INTEL WINS AND AMD LOSES FATAL K.O.!!! And AMD's lead in streaming and play crysis 3 isn't that big.

    2. Streaming is really really CPU intensive and it shows its true potential of the CPU you have, that's why "moar cores" is better! So deal with it...

      When "you" win then you spout and when you lose then you say I don't care. So I doubt you don't care when you lose.

    3. True But Intel wins in CPU and AMD loses. IPC and performance per watt is everything when I look for a PC so AMD has neither so they are not an option for me.

  4. teksyndicate are bunch of AMD fanbois now. They sold out to AMD and thus shame themselves because Intel is superior Intel is THE BEST it can't be beat.

  5. Replies
    1. We don't need time to tell. We already know the answer AMD SUCKS!!! AMD is INFERIOR TO INTEL!!!!!

    2. I bet my ass you would say the same thing as AC kientruc when Intel chips got blown out of the water by AMD's Athlon that had 20% IPC lead over Pentium 4.

      Situations constantly chance, Intel was superior then AMD became superior and now again Intel is superior, but it does not mean Intel will be superior for eternity. Not possible.

      Intel has so much cash and AMD that is tiny compared to Intel manage to beat them several times, first with Athlon, then Athlon 64, Athon 64 x2, then Bobcat, Liano and now Temash and Kabini.

      Intel can't win every battle, its simply not realistic.

    3. Intel doesn't win the battle on Price and in GPU performance its a close second so you're right Intel can't win every battle but Intel doesn't need to AMD does just to survive. NOT THIS TIME AMD IS TOAST. Nvidia has taken 95% of notebook wins so that limits AMD severely. Nvidia UNLIKE AMD has done a wonderful job of lowering power usage.

  6. Well jm12, given the fact that you have not used the products yourself and only critisize them based on reviews, then for you to quickly judge teksyndicate as amd bias is hypocritical to say the least. WATCH THE VIDEOS DUMMY .. you continue to prove how disabled you are.

  7. Its not just crysis 3 while streaming ... they didnt even test crysis 3.. how retarded are you? You judge things before even clicking a link..

    1. Uh yeah they did i watched one of the video posted here. AMD SUCKS INTEL FOR THE WIN!!!!!


    1. I do read but I just laugh you AMD fanbois who are uneducated of Intel Awesomeness!!!!!

    2. I am sorry but most "AMD fanbois" are educated versus the Intel fanbois. Go ask your mom to buy you are CPU.

      Doubtful you will have enough cash for a decent GPU.


    3. Wrong you guys are uneducated otherwise you would know that Intel wins almost EVERY battle and its catching up FAST in the IGP department. Intel doesn't need to win the price wars if it can win every other battle.

  9. Paired with a 7870 the AMD 8350 absolutley destroys the intel competition in high resolutions + max graphics. In some cases doubling or higher the fps of the more expensive counter part. Streaming has NOTHING to do with this ... streaming only FURTHER benefits the AMD FX 8350.

    1. Wrong the 7870 gets bottle-necked by the Shitty AMD CPU. AMD's Shitty CPU does not double frame rate it lowers it!!!!!

    2. You have absolutely no proof of this. I myself have used an FX 8150 @ 4.9 Ghz and this didn't bottleneck my 6970 what so everm and also my 6990 in most cases. Alot of reviews will be using graphics cards above these (such as GTX 690 or Titan) and the bottleneck is further shown (including testing at lower resolutions) on purpose. In real life tests, its a different story.

    3. You would be fine with a stock clock Intel CPU and you would use at half the power. Also there isn't much difference in price between Intel and AMD SO INTEL WINS FATAL K.O.!!!

    4. I owned an fx 6200 and it bottlenecked a single GTX 670... the FX chips suck ass plain and simple. Upgraded to intel and now I get double Framerate.

    5. Double the framerate really that's awesome!!! It just shows how much AMD sucks at making CPU's and drivers.

  10. When paired with a 760/660 ti/7870/7850 or worse, the AMD FX 8350 actually beats the 3770k/4770k , or ties it in gaming fps at 1080p/1440p resolutions. Only once a 7970 / GTX 780 / GTX 680 / GTX 770 are used, the favor is with intel.

  11. Because AMD's CPU is a WORTHLESS PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!

    1. Says the child with a dual core processor and POS gpu.. A 7870 crushes your pos computer in every way, and the bottleneck is still not observed.. Pop it in your dual core junk and it would be horrific to say the least. In fact the 4300/6300 to a much better job of avoiding the bottleneck for 7870/gtx 660 ti or worse than a haswell i3.

    2. Yeah but I can get that with a PS4 and it will cost less than building a shitty AMD desktop. Maybe but AMD uses WAY TOO MUCH power and low power consumption and performance per watt are Everything I look at for a CPU.

    3. the PS4 IS an AMD desktop, basically. If they let you hack this one and install linux, it'll be pretty damn awesome.

      Also, still trying to get around to testing with make in linux. Need another hard drive, both my current ones are full. (too many rendered videos, My computer renders too fast.)

      If you like power efficiency, why not Kabini?

    4. Because Kabini has Terrible performance per watt. Intel haswell is FAR BETTER in IPC and performance per watt. That would be great if they let you install Linux on the PS4 it would easily one up the Xbox 180 which is stuck on M$ Windows 8. I like performance per watt and AMD HAS NOTHING that is good in that area.

    5. Kaveri huh? AMD richland was a BIG FAR JOKE and Trinity was a joke as well. I don't think Kaveri is going to be all that good at all. AMD has trouble getting power consumption down to acceptable levels and when they do the performance sucks SO MUCH ITS UNUSABLE!!!!! I am looking forward to what Kaveri has in store but I am not holding my breath.

    6. AMD aquired ATI in 2006 and lets see where AMD's hardware ended up inside consoles per generation and comparing the competition.

      Sixth Gen:
      Gamecube -:IBM CPU/AMD GPU

      Seventh Gen:

      Eight Gen(dominated by AMD):
      Xbox One:AMD APU PlayStation 4:AMD APU Wii U:IBM CPU/AMD GPU

      "Yeah but I can get that with a PS4 and it will cost less than building a shitty AMD desktop. Maybe but AMD uses WAY TOO MUCH power and low power consumption and performance per watt are Everything I look at for a CPU." - You failed, if AMD was using too much power then it would not end up inside Xbox One and PlayStation 4 you retard and in the end it has way superior performance per watt in total.

      You should also know that some games and even engines are not possible on regular desktops, even on your precious so called superior Intel CPU's that are lame UMA vs hUMA APU's. Kaveri is hUMA APU thus its vastly superior plus from rumors it should have same heat spreading feature as Temash/Kabini thus it will be less hotter in the end ;)

      Oh wow, Trinity a joke? Nope, a 600$ laptop with A10 4600M performs vastly better than MacBook Pro except updated one but its still far more cheaper and powerful.

      Richland is a refresh, more power efficient, better performance, much better overclocking and in the end native 2133mhz RAM support. Can you game on your desktop Haswell at 1080p? You can't, at least with Trinity and Richland you can eg you can play MechWarrior Online at 1080p, Mirror Edge at 1080p maxed out 40-50 fps, DOTA 2 at 1080p Medium at 30-60 fps. Richland can give some 1080p gaming versus Intel's HD Graphics that are basically Fermi since Intel stole the design and nVidia sued them and won. ;)

      "AMD has trouble getting power consumption down to acceptable levels and when they do the performance sucks SO MUCH ITS UNUSABLE!!!!!" - Intel has superior power consumption except when it comes to GPU while AMD's power consumption is acceptable while it was not with Bulldozer that was rushed and partially done on an freaking machine that screwed the scale. Also if AMD's CPU are an unusable as you say then why people buy them if they are "unusable"? AMD's are fine, they are doing the job just fine. Its not like freaking Atom with Pentium 3 IPC while Temash/Jaguar with Core 2 DUo IPC beats the living crap out of it. rofl

    7. Core 2 Duo IPC IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH its still way too slow and needs another 40% increase in IPC and a 50% decrease in power consumption. Face it although Intel's GPU's use a lot power their CPU's can't BE BEAT by AMD's shitty designs. Higher ram clocks equals more power used so NO AMD still uses a lot of power. Sony and M$ are using AMD because ITS CHEAP and AMD is the lowest bidder THAT IS THE ONLY REASON NOTHING MORE!!!!!

    8. Core 2 (expensive one) =

      Core i7 (3970) =

      Accounting for 2 extra cores, intel have almost doubled IPC. BUT WAIT!
      The Core2Duo didn't have HT (SMT)

      per thread, the i7 has the SAME PERFORMANCE (actually worse - 12000/12 < 4300/4)

      better per core, not per thread.

      SMT is not a perfect solution.....

      Multithreaded performance in compute-intensive workloads, SMT suffers heavily. 4 threaded rendering, a 3770k pulls ahead of my 8350. 8 threaded, neck and neck.

      AMD already have a 20% on original Core architecture. Intel have about 60-70% on Core (because it's theirs, duh)

      Core arch is hitting the wall. Miniscule performance for huge temps.

      FX is just starting... Big gains for small tradeoff.

    9. Ahahahahahah....You're wrong Intel's IPC has increased big time from core 2 duo and AMD WILL NEVER CATCH UP. Intel haswell ha AMD beat on power consumption!!!!!! CMT has horrible IPC compared to Intel's almighty HASWELL!!!!! FX big power consumption for SMALL GAINS!!!!!!

  12. TekSyndicate are Totally Intel, have you seen their videos since Haswell got released? they can´t stop kissing Intel Haswell ass.

    They just think for the Price of the FX-8350, the performance is excelent and superior to any i5, the future is starting to use true multi threading, single threading will be irrelevant in the near future.

    IPC will always be somewhat relevant since it does not only increases Single, but Multi Threading performance too.

    I just tested a System with a PhenomII x4 965BE using a HD7870, no Bottlenecking at all, so i doubt the FX-8350 will bottleneck the HD7870.

    The FX-8350 is good for the price, not excelent... but Good, but the FX-9590 is CRAP. It would be great if the price was $250-300 USD but $900? they are fucking out of their minds.

    The FX-9590 is still slower and more power hungry than the i7 3960x in both Single and Multi Threading and the prices are not that different, the FX9590 is a disgrace to AMD, they should never had done this horrible turd... i have no idea what where they thinking releasing a CPU Slower with and a massive TDP for almost the price of the Top Intel CPUs.

    1. Really I would like see videos of that? Wrong IPC is key over everything multi-threaded games are still too hard to come by unless you play games like battlefield 3 which I will NEVER play. The FX-8350 is mediocre AT BEST for the price because of the massive amount of power it uses and overclock compounds the problem further. Yeah the FX9590 is a disgrace and right now AMD is a disgrace compared to how they were during the Athlon days and even more of disgrace compared to Intel.

    2. Then go and check, go to youtube and type tek syndicate.

      Sadly their ES that they got from Intel were fried :P

      IPC is important for single threaded, but not as important as in multi threaded because some things just work better in multi core scenarios eg StarCraft 2 would ran like shit on lets say theoretically a single core with an total performance of an i3 3220. Why? Because StarCraft 2 needs two cores, one for physics and one for AI even though StarCraft 2 engine is so shit that it does not even use SSE like Skyrim. We have SSE for over 10 years, so wtf.

      Battlefield 3 is fun, but EA is just a pain in the ass and I had way more fun with Battlefield 2 that had better pace. Since new consoles are 8 core that are not powerful alone thus forcing developers to use all 8 cores then my friend we will have way more games using more cores and threads and finally an i7 with hyper threading will have substantial boost over an i5 that has no hyperthreading so don't bitch, its good for AMD and Intel.

      FX 8350 is okay, not bad but its good, better than i5 in streaming, video encoding and some other things and the amount the power it uses is comparable to Sandy Bridge so stop your BS crapping this blogspot.

      FX 9590 is crap, its more for promoting AMD and put it in the spotlight. Its for collectors, novelty, like Intel's Extreme Edition or more rather Emergency Edition(Pentium 4).

    3. Yep I like Starcraft 2 so Intel WINS AMD LOSES BADLY!!!!! You kidding the FX 8350 IS A PIECE OF DOG SHIT!!!! 4 cores with CMT threading and it uses SO MUCH POWER!!!!! AMD will never recover and thus its TOAST. Intel and ARM not to mention MIPS will all bear their weight against AMD and CRUSH IT INTO THE GROUND MWHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!!

    4. CMT means that a 4 module design has 8 physical cores.
      (the cores are actually there.)

      SMT means that a 4 module design has 4 physical cores.
      (the threads are just separate programs running at different parts on the same core.)

      RISC > MIPS > x86/64 (speed)
      x86/64 > MIPS > RISC (power)

      In other words, for 1 + 1, risc should be faster

      for something huge, or for something that requires lots of instruction processing, x86/64 is faster.

      MIPS is middle ground.

      Think of them like engines.

      x86/64 = Truck - low top speed, but is always at that top speed, regardless of load.

      MIPS = Van - Mediocre top speed, can't always attain that speed.

      RISC = f1 car - really fast, but almost never reaches that speed under load.

      Does your middle name start with M?

    5. Yes it does start with M how did you guess that? trying to make MIPS look bad again. MIPS is faster than ARM is going to be and it will use half the power if not less. A RISC like IBM's power7 or 8 series? I get the engine analogy but it isn't entirely true.

    6. guessed the M because of jml12

      (Jesse - M____ - Lee) 12

      Frankly, modern chips are kinda indistinguishable from both 100% RISC and 100% CISC, they have bits of both.

    7. Oh oops oh well. Yeah that is true but AMD chips also suck ASS While Intel Haswell Rocks performance per watt and in that AMD can't touch it. Not even Kaveri will be able lay a finger on Intel's high performance per watt.

    8. So you're saying that
      1. your last argument was wrong
      2. An UPGRADE on an architecture that (in mobile at least) had about equal performance/watt to haswell will probably not go backwards....

    9. What you are saying makes no sense whatsoever please clarify? Wrong no other x86 or ARM chip will ever beat Intel Haswell in performance per watt. AMD can't beat Intel in performance per watt because AMD's IPC SUCKS ASS and their power consumption IS EVEN WORSE. Which arch are you talking out that has about equal performance per watt as haswell?

  13. Check this:

    Do not believe most of the benchmarks out there, they are biased.

    1. That benchmark is biased for AMD unlike most who say Intel comes out on top BECAUSE IT DOES!!!! Intel is superior AMD is inferior!!!! Right now AMD SUCKS HARD!!!!! And it sucks to be an AMD fanboi!!!!!

    2. We could say that about most benchmarks - "That Benchmark is biased for Intel because they compiled it to run much better on their CPUs even though the competing processor is more capable"

    3. AMD cpu's ARE FAR LESS capable than AMD's and have less IPC and performance per watt.

    4. Here we go again...

      AMD CPU's are not dramatically worse as you imagine, just please go buy latest AMD CPU and do some tests, play games with it with and without frames measuring tools and then make a detailed rational logical unbiased review.

    5. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH...Why would I BUY A SHITTY AMD CPU when it eats power like candy and has terrible IPC?

  14. The FX 9590 is a extremely limited edition cpu, it is not in any way equivalent to the 3960x. It is more like the phenom x4 42 TKWR edition that was released a while back. The FX 9650 (125W) is superior in every way to the FX 9590, even with lower clocks. Ont op of that it will cost less than half the price at 449 USD, which is just shy of the 3930k's territory.

    1. So that doesn't matter this new CPU is going to screw AMD over BIG TIME. What was that shithead roy read thinking? BOTH OF THEM SUCK EGGS just like AMD sucks eggs right now. But the 3930K Absolutely SLAUGHTERS EVERYTHING AMD HAS right now. Steamroller WILL CHANGE NOTHING FOR AMD. AMD still has one foot in the grave and Steamroller isn't going to change that.

    2. Actually...

      If it is $150 less than a 3930k and gets the same performance (+- 2 fps) then really, why would you get a 3930k? You are throwing money down the drain. And that power consumption, well, you must be embarrased.

    3. Ouch but both Intel and AMD use too much power here and have piss poor performance per watt.

  15. It will be a sad day in history for intel when Steamroller comes out and brings AMD back into the IPC game, especially given the budget differences in these companies.

    A Stock 3970x does not heavily bottleneck any gpu combination except perhaps 3 titans. An overclocked FX 9650 will easily beat a stock 3970x in single core performance, and having 8 logical cores vs 6 with intel. Intel's HT technology hasnt evolved much, while AMD is turning their CPU from a 4M/8T CPU into a 8C/8T CPU with steamroller and then excavator.

    1. Wrong Steamroller is going to DO NO SUCH THING FOR AMD. AMD's IPC will still SUCK OUT LOUD!!!!! Nope Intel will still win in single core performance and AMD will still be crushed in multi-threading. Uh AMD's hyper-threading tech SUCKS and it will still SUCK with Steamroller. AMD always exaggerates EVERYTHING so they can't be TRUSTED!!!!! AMD IS FINISHED and Kaveri won't change that.

    2. AMD Doesn't use SMT. (Simultaneous multi-threading)
      HT = SMT
      AMD used CMT (Core multi-threading)
      FX = CMT

      SMT works by running separate programs on the SAME CORE Simultaneously. So while one is waiting for data, its state is pushed to stack and the other begins to run. They keep swapping, so while one is waiting, the other is executing.

      CMT works by running separate programs on separate cores.
      CMT benefits FAR MORE from memory speed than SMT - SMT needs gaps, CMT doesn't. CMT is also far better (easier to design) for on-chip memory management. It needs to be, as well, because it needs more on-chip memory in order to function more effectively.

    3. CMT uses far more power than Hyper-threading which is VERY efficient but its performance isn't as good as CMT's but CMT uses FAR MORE POWER thus FAR worse performance per watt.

    4. that's because of the memory - l2/l3 cache uses a TON of power. Steamroller has the ability to turn off l2 cache. Should cut power use there by a bit on idle, not much on load.

    5. Are just trying to make AMD look good. Haswell has 50% IPC increase over Core 2 DUO and AMD will NEVER bridge that gap so INTEL FOR THE WIN OH YEAH. Really AMD has higher IPC than the first COre arch? Yes it is hitting a wall which is why Intel invested in performance per watt something KAVERI WILL NEVER DO RIGHT NOR WILL AMD!!!!!


    With one GTX 580 / 7970 the 8350 will be virtually identical to a 4770k, overclocking will only shrink this difference.

    In some games like dirt 3 or sleeping dogs, there is no bottleneck at STOCK for an 8350 with TWO 7970s or TWO 580s.

    1. Still Steamroller WILL SUCK EGGS AND AMD will BE FINISHED!!!! Also Intel uses less power and IS MUCH FASTER!!!! Intel Haswell IS AWESOME GET IT TODAY and leave AMD IN THE DUST!!!!!


    A CPU for Single GPU Gaming: A8-5600K + Core Parking updates

    If I were gaming today on a single GPU, the A8-5600K (or non-K equivalent) would strike me as a price competitive choice for frame rates, as long as you are not a big Civilization V player and don’t mind the single threaded performance. The A8-5600K scores within a percentage point or two across the board in single GPU frame rates with both a HD7970 and a GTX580, as well as feels the same in the OS as an equivalent Intel CPU. The A8-5600K will also overclock a little, giving a boost, and comes in at a stout $110, meaning that some of those $$$ can go towards a beefier GPU or an SSD. The only downside is if you are planning some heavy OS work – if the software is Piledriver-aware all might be well, although most processing is not, and perhaps an i3-3225 or FX-8350 might be worth a look.

    A CPU for Dual GPU Gaming: i5-2500K or FX-8350

    Looking back through the results, moving to a dual GPU setup obviously has some issues. Various AMD platforms are not certified for dual NVIDIA cards for example, meaning while they may excel for AMD, you cannot recommend them for Team Green. There is also the dilemma that while in certain games you can be fairly GPU limited (Metro 2033, Sleeping Dogs), there are others were having the CPU horsepower can double the frame rate (Civilization V).

    After the overview, my recommendation for dual GPU gaming comes in at the feet of the i5-2500K. This recommendation may seem odd – these chips are not the latest from Intel, but chances are that pre-owned they will be hitting a nice price point, especially if/when people move over to Haswell. If you were buying new, the obvious answer would be looking at an i5-3570K on Ivy Bridge rather than the 2500K, so consider this suggestion a minimum CPU recommendation.

    On the AMD side, the FX-8350 puts up a good show across most of the benchmarks, but falls spectacularly in Civilization V. If this is not the game you are aiming for and want to invest AMD, then the FX-8350 is a good choice for dual GPU gaming.

    1. AHAHAHA..Intel/Nvidia is the HOLY COMBO THAT WILL PUT AMD INTO THE GRAVE NOW DIE AMD DIE!!!!! Single Thread performance is everything and multi-threading IS FOR QUEERS!!!!! But INTEL IS STILL VASTLY BETTER for Starcraft 2 and any game that needs CPU power and GPU power. GO intel CRUSH AMD TO BITS MWHAHAHAHAH!!!! AMD SUCKS BUY an INTEL TODAY TO send AMD INTO OBLIVION!!!!!

    2. Nvidia with their uncertain future .. mainly in the mobile world.
      Apple is buying up a factory CPU ...Intel CPU never for Iphones.
      Multithreading is already the future indeed.

      kaveri + Steamroller + HSA + hUMA + GCN = Multithreading GPU/CPU with effective cost benefit

    3. Kaveri is the END FOR AMD. AMD's DEMISE IS SOON AT HAND!!!! MWHAHAHAHAH!!!! GO INTEL GO ARM CRUSH AMD INTO NOTHINGNESS!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! All trolling aside I don't think Kaveri is going to be all that good at all. It doesn't reduce power consumption. It doesn't increase performance per watt by all that much and its IPC is still horrendous compared to Intel's. Also its GPU won't be that much faster going by flop count.

    4. ...oh boy.

      Kaveri will have 15-20% better single threaded performance per clock and 25% in multi threaded because of reduced multi threaded penalty. Power consumption and heat will be lower, maybe not significantly but it will be lower, specially since its going to have GCN 2.0 GPU(it has been confirmed).

      If Kaveri mantains the clocks of Richland A10 6800k, well 6800k multi threaded in Cinebench 11.5 scores 3.6 points so Kaveri should score 4.5 points thus an i3 will be look pathetic compared to Kaveri 7800k.

      Trinity Richland have VLIW4 GPU with 384 cores
      Kaveri has GCN 2.0 with 512 cores

      GCN is 15-50% faster than VLIW4 at same clock and core count

      Kaveri GPU will have a large, significant, considerable lead over Trinity/Richland. So 1080p gaming will be for the most part possible.

      Since Trinity/Richland can already do some 1080p gaming, there aren't much modern games that it can do on while top of the line Kaveri will be very capable.

      Now imagine playing Battlefield 3 at 1080p Medium Setting having 30 fps on Grand Bashar or Caspian Border. Yea.

      Kaveri's single threaded performance will match an i3 3220.

    5. Wrong Kaveri's IPC will not even close to Ivy Bridge's. Kaveri power usage is still going to suck down power like candy so its performance per watt will still be horrendous AT BEST!!!! Keep dreaming AMD FANBOI Kaveri's IPC WILL NOT come EVEN close to the i3-3220. GCN is faster or it uses less power with the same performance NOT BOTH. But Kaveri isn't GDDR5 to save Son'y Bacon so Kaveri is GOING TO SUCK ASS and put AMD into the grave ONCE and for all. All trolling aside I don't think Kaveri is going to beat Haswell nor will be any good.

    6. With 20-25% IPC benefit, and higher scaling on 4-6 cores, kaveri will come unlocked out of the box. a 5 Ghz Steamroller core will match a 3.9 Ghz Haswell core, a 4.2 Ghz Ivy core, or a 4.5 Ghz Sandy. Its IPC will be closer to Nahelem. Multithreaded performance at 5 Ghz on a 4 core Kaveri chip will be close to a stock i5 4670k, will be But for the price of a locked i3.

    7. Keep Dreaming FANBOI!!!!! And it will use twice the power of Intel's Haswell on the desktop and thus AMD mobile will also suck ass LIKE ALWAYS!!!!! Kaveri IS NOT GOING TO BE CHEAP Fanboi!!!!!

  18. Intel sees the empire already deep cracks ...
    factor for time to discover that no longer hold the cards
    the future is for businesses focused CPUs "à la carte" .. X1..PS4 ... etc. ..


    and low CPU consumption for Mobile Intel ??? ... his words true as a note of $3 .. change your psychologist..kkk

    1. Wow you make no sense whatsoever. Wrong again chump you only say that because it might save AMD and you're a stupid fanboi!!!! INTEL is superior AMD is inferior and AMD uses twice the power of Intel haswell.

    2. change your medication ... kkk
      soon will have no cure ... Kaveri is coming ... Intel boy crazy ...

      Intel is an fat elephant surrounded by fan boy out of reality
      each new CPU , swap mother also ... kkk

    3. I don't take medication so NEVER!!!! Kaveri is coming to doom AMD out of existence FOREVER!!!!! So each new motherboard uses less power and that's a good thing. There is a point where motherboards need to be replaced as some features Intel has DON'T WORK on AMD motherboards.

    4. bla ... bla ... bla..

      is notorious that Haswell was much less than the market expected.

      More Intel fan boy only sees the "roof" of the neighbor ...

    5. I'm sorry, But I don't want to pay an extra $150 when I get a new CPU. Add that to intel premium, and getting a 3570 or a 4670 is RIDICULOUSLY expensive ($450) for me. I COULD GRAB A 9590 FOR THAT PRICE.

      Also, the gains that the leak suggested have been shown to have some truth at the least. the 9650 already shows damn big jumps over the 9590. can't wait for the full steamroller arch.

    6. But with AMD motherboards half the features don't work and NO PCI express 3.0. At least with Intel all the features work even though Intel is expensive its MUCH faster than ANYTHING AMD has out right now. GO HASWELL KICK AMD TO THE CURB!!!!!

    7. There are AMD motherboards with PCI-E 3.0 but there isn't much difference between PCI-E 2.0 versus 3.0 ...

      Ask anyone, go to anandtech, tek syndicate, toms hardware...

      Do you even know that 90% of benchmarks have Intel's compiler that cripples AMD's CPU's and cheat benchmark to make Intel look good. Oh yea, you will denie it because you are a fanboy.

      Go google it, btw my dog is smarter than you dipshit.

      Go teabag your mom.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Ahahahahahah....Right anyways AMD motherboards still need to be updated just everyone else. So Intel optimizes benchmarks for their CPU's If AMD had the $$$ they would do they same exact thing. Intel CPU's are superior and they use less power to boot.

    10. AMD would be as large as Intel, but sadly Intel decided to cheat eg. bribes and threat to OEM's, compilers to cheat benchmarks, false advertising...

      Intel literally lied to everyone, Pentium 4 was a piece of shit compared to Athlon and Athlon 64.

      Power is important for mobile, not for desktop where you don't need a battery since its plugged into the wall.

      To me it only matters performance per dollar, multi threaded performance per dollar, core count, GPU performance, compute performance.

      AMD is the king in GPU compute and APU segment.

      Also chinese lifted console ban so thus it means AMD will have more revenue from consoles. :D

    11. AMD might get more revenue but that won't save it from destruction. Intel did lie and cheat back then I was well aware of it at the time. The first PC I actually bought was an AMD and the PC after that was AMD as well but I should of known better the second time because Intel released core 2 duo by then and it was much faster. The Core 2 Duo was the third PC I got and it was 3 times faster than the AMD athlon x2 4200 I had at about the same clock speed. And thus Intel wins and AMD loses.

  19. 1090FX has not yet been announced, it will sport everything intel's current motherboards offer.

    1. And like every other AMD motherboard it still SUCKS OUT LOUD!!!!

    2. Because AMD's tech is never used because Intel has the money to promote their own tech regardless of how useful either is.

      Take PCI-e when HTX existed - HTX was PCI-e 2.0 speeds when PCI-e 1.0 was still new.

      The HyperTransport bus is faster than quickpath interconnect, yet because intel has more money they can make people use theirs, so AMD has to ensure compatibility with intel's standard.

    3. What is HTX it sounds like a made up term? Yep AMD does and Intel is throwing its weight around MWHAHAHAHA IT SUCKS TO BE AMD RIGHT NOW MWHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Face it AMD sucks IT WILL NEVER BEAT INTEL FOR PERFORMANCE PER WATT!!!!!

    4. Hyper Transport eXpress
      It was more capable than PCI-e because it could receive and send lots of packets simultaneously - by that I mean the chip actually worked that way. Unlike PCI-e, where you send, then receive, then send, then receive.

    5. Sounds nice but Intel squashed it like a bug didn't they? AMD will never beat Intel in battery life nor performance per watt.


    Intel doesn't win most of the time, even AMD's processors beat Intel in speed and power consumption, e.g. Kabini.
    Even the FX-8350 is truly better but Intel has the advantage because of these unfair practices.
    So, what should be happening is that AMD wins and Intel needs to get higher power consumption and lower battery life to truly beat AMD, but unfortunately the richer can take advantage and cheat while getting away with it.

    1. If Intel wasn't doing it's unfair practices, AMD's Kabini would have mopped the floor with the Atoms on power consumption and performance because in order to compete Intel would have to raise the clocks on the ATOMS and that would reduce its battery life just to even compete.
      Simply said, had to clarify when I talked about Kabini.

    2. Ahahahahahahah.....Wrong Intel has NOW beaten ARM with their new atom chips. With Bay Trail ARM has been soundly DEFEATED!!!! Wow you are dead wrong What is happening is Intel Haswell has better battery life and uses less power and is faster than AMD. AMD can't beat Haswell in performance per watt. Intel does cheat but even without Intel cheating AMD would still be in its current position of Intel winning in IPC and power consumption. You are DEAD WRONG on the FX-8350 being good in fact the FX-8350 IS THE ULTIMATE PIECE OF DOG SHIT!!!!! It chews up power like candy and VASTLY under-performs. I think you need to back to reality FANBOI!!!!

    3. Really I somehow doubt that. It's AMD's fault for not updating Brazos for 2.5 years and now Intel is competitive you AMD fanboi whine like no tomorrow. I don't think it would of made that much of difference if Intel didn't cheat. Kabini still sucks down power like no tomorrow.

  21. I was thinking of getting AMD's next processors but they are taking way too long. I don't care the reason, Kaveri was planned for June, I am not waiting until the end of the year or next year because they are holding back.
    Also, no sign of new FX-series Processors, other than refreshes(FX-6350) that barely compete with the 8350.
    In benchmaarks even the i5-2500k takes down the 8350 on some games I want to play, so I am waiting for one that beats that processor.
    If Kaveri does it, I will get it and wait for the GTX 860, since my 660 is great for everything I throw at it and the FX-4100 is fine, but more speed/performance the better just because I want it. And no, I am not buying Intel, no matter what jml's reply says, ignoring him anyways.
    (I contradict myself with not wanting to wait and then talking about waiting, but I am the customer and I have the right be patient or not. Either way, I am not giving up on AMD, so it doesn't matter how I rant about the company's delays.)

    1. I gave up on AMD after SHITDOZER came out and unless AMD comes out with something awesome THEY WILL NEVER GET MY MONEY and they will further down the path of destruction!!!!! The FX-8350 IS A PIECE OF DOG CRAP!!!!! This is also a reason why AMD is doomed they take too long with their CRAPPY CPU's and APU's!!!!

  22. People, lets not argue with an mentally ill person like Jesse Lee that is in reality an confederate redneck... Both have valid and invalid arguments, but at least I am not buying chips from Intel because I dont want monopoly and paying for the same crap that Intel advertises as “new“... At least AMD has an ace up their sleeve that is already used in AMD GPUs thus has no need for crippleing compute units like Nvidia did to become competitive in power consumption. ;)

    1. Ahahahaha....You could just stop posting altogether but you had to open your mouth eh AMD fanboi? Nope you are wrong about me but that's irrelevant. AMD sucks its as simple as that. Their performance per watt sucks and their IPC sucks ASS. You buy AMD in hopes of stopping the unstoppable face it AMD IS TOAST!!!! HSA and uHMA are no trump cards THEY ALSO SUCK ASS!!!!! AMD will never become competitive in power usage.

    2. You fail to comprehend numerous things...

      Also you still keep wishing that I am an AMD fanboi, I am on a freaking netbook that has single core Atom so do not call me an AMD fanboy. My friend has an i7 and so what?

      Because I am using Intel chip, that does not mean I am going to be an retarded Intel bull/fanboi that is going to troll and bash people with out a tiny smudge of logic in my brain. I saw your comments on youtube, you are a freaking retard and a social reject like those Nintendo or Call Of Duty fanboys. Its fucking disgusting!

      How old are you, 16? Get a life for once and get out of the house or aparment and see the fucking sun for once a year.

      I am not wrong about you, look at your name and lastname. On your forehead is stamped [confederate], your grandgrandgrand father was a supporter for slave trade, right?

      AMD sucks? Intel's x86 would be dead now if AMD did not come up with a viable 64 bit instruction for x86 that has also maintained compatibility with x86 32 bit software.

      If you are a greenpeace guy or an ecologist then yea, go for Intel. But an average customer/Joe would look at the price and performance per dollar, AMD is not the best but that does not stop people from recommending it at all.

      I never bough any CPU from AMD except a GPU for my dads rigs, but that the time when I got partially scammed by the shop that took bribe from Intel.

      AMD is not toast, if they went under then Intel is going to be split in half or IBM will enter and crush them into dust.

      I was not talking about HSA/hUMA at all ;)

      "AMD will never become competitive in power usage." - you make me laugh, an 5 watt TDP Bay Trail Z3770 Atom is getting beaten slightly in CPU and masively in GPU by AMD's A6-1450 "Temash".

      If AMD was to release a similar chip to A6-1450 except GPU clocks were cut in half then they would have same TDP. ;)

      So hush hush... Go wank your mom.

    3. AMD's A6-1450 is really a 14 watt chip when plugged in so that's what I count it as and it uses too much power and has terrible performance per watt. Wrong AMD will never be able to get to Bay Trail power levels with their mediocre Temash and Jaguar APU's. Again I will say it the A6-1450 IS A 14 WATT CHIP NOT A 6 WATT CHIP GET IT? Most people recommend Intel because it is faster and has better IPC not to mention it uses less power a lot less. You sound like an AMD fanboi. NEVER what about you? AMD IS FINISHED!!!!