Monday, 7 January 2013

New AMD Roadmap! Temash Q3 2013/ Steamroller Cores Q4 2013

Jan 07 2013 AMD Roadmap

We see some interesting new information through this brand new roadmap. Not only will AMD's new flagship 28 nm Temash Tablet SoC sport four Cores, yes FOUR cores (not two as previously reported), but it will be released in the end of Q2 beginning of Q3 2013.

Another interesting note is to see that steamroller is alive and well and is said to be released in its APU form later this year in Q4.

Good to see K10.5 still kicking with an even more tweaked core known as Jaguar, which is said to bring over 15% increase in IPC performance, and over 10% higher clocks over previous Brazos core.

No Desktop Flagship Steamroller this year guys! We'll have to wait and see how AMD pulls this one off in Q1 2014, during which all Soc/APU/CPU's will move towards Steamroller/Excavator core design.

So which Tablet SoC will prevail in CPU performance, how about GPU?

Intel's Bay Trail 22nm 4 core Atom based on ivy Bridge Core 
HD 4000 


AMD's 28nm Temash A Series 4 core based on the much improved Jaguar Core?
AMD 8270

You decide!


  1. are you kidding, in graphics AMD will win, maybe even in CPU performance

    1. So what AMD is WAY TOO LATE getting into the game Intel Haswell/Broadwell will destroy Kaveri and temash.

    2. how are they too late? intel's haswell and broadwell haven't been released yet, you're an intel fanboy, why are you even here

      haswell and broadwell performance parts will compete with the AMD FX platform which is expected to destroy intel's platforms, and the low power parts will compete with Kaveri, which is much better, intel can't make low power CPUs and even if it does, it won't be that huge to beat AMD, intel has no competition to Temash

      so please stop

    3. Intel's Haswell will be here before Temash and Kaveri and Haswell will be superior in every way to Temash and Kaveri and Haswell's IGP will give Kaveri a run for its money. Yes Intel can AMD can't make low power CPU's to save its life and the proved that with the Sapphire VS 8. The whole system which is integrated takes 60 WATTS and thats from a 19 watt TDP APU. Intel's 10 watt Haswell will use Half the power of current Ivy bridge solution if not more.

  2. Too little Too late AMD your Finished!!!!

  3. Intel Haswell will beat the crap of Kaveri/Steamroller AND USE LESS POWER TO BOOT!!!

  4. Funny how people celebrate the death of AMD without realizing it would be the start of a monopoly with all its implications ($$$$$).

  5. jml is a complete moron and is someone who will go through life with no friends and even his own family hating him. Sad case, what a moron