Monday, 3 December 2012

AMD Temash : Microsoft Surface Pro 2? Cheaper, Better Battery Life, Better Performance!

So rumors say that Microsoft is ditching Nvidia and Intel for Qualcomm and AMD in their Surface and Surface Pro.

It seems that battery life and graphics performance is something consumers need over raw CPU on their tablets these days. Since Apple released their retina Ipad 3, resolution past 1080p on tablets will be the norm  by 2014.

We know that intel's HD 4000 - 6@350-1100 Mhz found in ULV intel i5/i7 parts cant be much better than future 7000/8000 series Temash GPUs, and they are said to last a measly 4 hrs, which is embarrassing compared to the ipad 4's 10 hours. 

We know the intel HD 4000 scores about 2564 in 3DMark 06. The Temash part will most likely sport a 7270m-8380m, or something of the likes. For comparison sake, a 6380m found in a low voltage mobile llano part has a score of 2639, and for desktop Brazos 2.0, the E2-1800's HD 6340 has a score of 2527. 

I estimate that the Temash GPU will have a score at least over 2200, but will perform better in modern DX11 games when compared to the ULV HD 4000. You can quote me on that.  

Temash will be AMD's first 28nm APU and will have clocks around 2 Ghz, with a 15% IPC advantage over current 40nm Bobcat cores found in Brazos and Brazos 2.0. Battery life will also be double intels, around 8 hours. 

We will have to wait until June until Temash products are distributed to the public, but its capabilities will be first shown at CES 2013 Jan 8-11. 

EDIT: Sea Islands 8000 series GPUs will have full support for Direct X 11.1. 

EDIT 2: It appears that Temash will only sport Two Jaguar Cores, but this is not confirmed. 

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  1. Too late to do AMD any good and by the way the HD4000 gets 3.5K to 5.5K on 3dmark06 so not even AMD's Temash's stands a chance against it or haswell which will be 2x faster.