Friday, 30 November 2012

Tablet Battle : AMD Z-60 vs Nvidia Tegra 3 vs Intel Atom N2600/Z2670

Enter Hondo : AMD Z-60 Tablet APU

Graphics Performance

GLbenchmark 2.5.1

AMD Z-60 : 36 fps
Tegra 3 : 13 fps

Thats a 277% difference!

3DMark 06

AMD Z-60 : 1701
Intel Atom N2600 : 373

Thats a 456% difference!

CPU performance

PCMark Vantage

AMD Z-60 : 1770
Atom N2600 : 1803

That's a tie!

There is no doubt about it, that the extra graphics power costs more power. The intel atom Z2760 (1.7W) is the tablet variant of the N2600 (3.5W)

It doesnt seem there is a class of Windows 8 tablets out there even close to the Z-60, especially in graphics performance.  EDIT: i5/i7 tablets over 1000 USD will out perform the Z-60  but at a higher envelope (17W)

It will be interesting to see if AMD comes out with a FirePro DX 11.1 tablet for professional graphical tasks. (source)


  1. AMD Z-60 will be overpriced and use Windows 8 which sucks so bad that its unusable and it use more power.

  2. the z-60 has very good power throttling to allow for high battery life. They say the price for a z-60 tablet would be around $799.

    1. That's still way too much when you can get a MUCH FASTER Intel tablet for a couple hundred more $$. Wrong Z-60 has terrible power throttling and power consumption numbers it uses 7 watts when gaming which is way too much for a tablet. EPIC FAIL AMD NOW DIE!!!

  3. your arguing for the intel i5/i7 tablets that are faster? Because they have a 17w TDP, which is well over triple that of the z60. The atom, on the other hand, is lower tdp but ages behind Hondo in graphics performance.

    1. TDP maybe be triple but the power consumption is only double if that. X86 games like COD:MW2 are worthless on tablets you might as well be playing them on console with horrible controls.

  4. Sure COD isnt worth playing, but that doesnt mean that graphical power on a tablet is completely useless, in fact the opposite is true, its the one thing tablet need these days that they lack.