Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Guess Who's Back

Whats in the news for AMD?

* Stocks have plummeted (Buy now?), but hopes are high for 2013! AMD will NOT be sold to other tech giants!

* AMD FX 8350 released ($ 195), and it overclocks very well (5.0 Ghz on Air, 5.2 Ghz on liquid)! For the price range, absolutely destroys the locked i5-3570 which is stuck at 3.4 ghz ($ 219)

* Trinity Laptop/Desktop Released. Graphics power is unmatched by intel offerings. A desktop i7 3770k's HD 4000 (77W) falls significantly behind the mobile 7600G found in a 14" ultrathin.(25W)

* Hondo Z-60 released, cant wait to see performance when compared to intel's tablet offerings

* The industry's first quad core 28nm APU,  ready to be demo'd (Tamesh and Kabini)

* Next Gen Mac Pro's will sport 7970 and workstation W9000 offerings from AMD (Nvidia lost this one)

* A10-5800k Overclocked to 7.87 Ghz, AMD FX 8350 Overclocked to 8.37 Ghz on L2N, set to break world record held by the former bulldozer core

* The AMD 7990 is the most powerful consumer graphics card in the world, with 12.11 beta drivers absolutley trounces the GTX 690.

* The AMD S10000 is the industries most powerful server graphics card, with two GPUs in one, at a price point well below that of Nvidia's less powerful single GPU GK110 Flagship the Tesla K20x.

More news and insight to come!

Here is a taste of mobile trinity's performance:

My 14" Samsung 3 series NP355V4C
AMD A10-4600m 7660G + 7670m dual graphics
Dimensions: 13.2 x 9.2 x 1.28 inches
Weight: 4.96 pounds

Price - $549

14" Lenovo Y480
i7 3610 Qm + Nvidia 650m
Dimensions: 13.6 x 9.4 x 1.3 inches
Weight : 4.5 pounds

Price - $1249

It looks like my budget gaming laptop has a noticeably higher graphics score than this thick beast. I challenge anyone to find a laptop for less than 549 with intel and nvidia parts that can achieve over 2249 GPU score.

Stay Tuned!


  1. Guess what I'M BACK As well. You're WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS. First AMD will be sold. Second Tamesh and Kabini are nothing special. Third AMD is going to have a rocky year in 2013 to say the least if Tamesh and Kabini is all AMD has going for it then ITS DOOMED. The AMD FX-8350 is a piece of garbage it uses too much power and uses even more when overclocked. AMD Hondo Z-60 is also a piece of garbage.

  2. AMD already discredited rumors of selling the company. You say Tamesh and Kabini are nothing special when intel has nothing equivalent to offer in 2013. The AMD FX 8350 has a better price to performance rating than the i7 3770k, and the Z-60 is the only directX 11.1 tablet processor out there, and not to mention the only tablet that nativity supports USB 3.0.

    Youre ignoring the fact that intel to this day struggles with graphics performance at low power. The atom brand will forever be tainted with this disability.

    1. Of Course AMD discredited rumors of selling the company they don't want ANYONE TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE GOING TO SELL the company in order to keep face with the fanbois and the shareholders which are running AMD INTO THE GROUND. WRONG The i7 3770K is faster in EVERY task and uses FAR LESS POWER. Not to mention Single Threaded Performance which more important that multi-core performance. Who cares if it still uses too much power and DX 11.1 only works in M$ Windows.