Monday, 28 October 2013

AMD Kaveri Benchmarks! More Steamrolling!

More Leaks point to simply amazing Integer Performance for Steamroller in this Cosmology Benchmark! 

Thats over 1100% the jump we saw from Bulldozer to Piledriver! Take these results with a grain of salt! ;)

The loss of performance in the floating point calculation could be due to a lack of L3 cache in comparison to its FX brethren. Compare AMD FX 4350 to AMD A10-6800k to see this difference! 

Just wait for AMD FX 9650 @ $449 USD


  1. Awaiting benchmarks for games and other results.
    I don't understand these much.

  2. Now how does it compare to the Intel i5-4670K I just got for current PC? AMD has improved their APU's BUT THEIR DRIVERS STILL SUCK ASS!!!!

    1. Though I agree, even though I personally didn't have a problem with AMD drivers, keep in mind that these chips are aimed to the mainstream user that wants a fast pc to do everyday stuff and maybe some casual gaming or gaming at medium detail if they add a compatible discrete card.

      Gamers and power users will probably buy an i5/7, slap 16 gigs of ram on it and the latest AMD or nVidia gpu and rip games and benchmarks alike a new one.