Friday, 11 May 2012

AMD Trinity ultra-thin CPU : A10-4655m 25w Benchmarks

AMD Trinity for ultra-thins :

25 W 
2.0 Ghz / 2.3 Ghz Turbo

Notice how the IPC of the 2M/4T A10-4655m @ 2.3 ghz at least ties if not beats the IPC of K 10.5 Llano 4C/4T A6 which is also at 2.3 ghz turbo.  This is good news for Trinity! If IPC matches Llano, Vishera - FX 8350 - at significantly higher clocks will scream ahead of ivy bridge when all threads can be used. Keep in mind IPC for current FX offerings fall far behind K10.5. (~25%). 

Remember scaling on 2 module chip is roughly 20 percent less than a 4 core llano cpu, so the fact that performance is equal or better when all threads are used further shows the strength of piledriver. 

EDIT: Many of these clock speeds are guesses, but we will know the real performance in 2 days stay tuned! 

1 comment:

  1. I'm itching to see the FX-8350 in action.

    Ivy Bridge is very little improvement and its difficult to get over 4.7Ghz.

    If PD's IPC matches that of Thuban clock for clock it should beat IB at stock if its 4Ghz.
    And if PD can get to 5Ghz without trouble its onto a winner.

    It would certainly give Intel a bloody nose.