Thursday, 3 May 2012

AMD 7970m Overclocked vs 7950 Overclocked : a Tie!!

AMD 7970m 3DMark 11 Overclocked Performance Score

This continues to leave me in disbelief...

First Corner :

intel i7 @ 4.4 Ghz i7 2600k
XFX 7950 Black Edition OCd @ 900/1375 Mhz

Score : 7630

Second Corner :

i7 2920xm @ 4.5 Ghz
AMD 7970m @ 1010/1500 Mhz

Score : 7658

WINNER : 7970m!


  1. Holly friggin' sugartits :o :o :o looks like the laptops will take PC gaming domination in the years to come.

  2. yes 1080p gaming has peaked in my opinion. Only when quad HD comes out will gaming be taken to a whole new level for consoles and desktop GPUs.

  3. nice test but this could only serve as proofs that pcie3.0 on HD7900 series is more than necessary to get same performance gpu @10% lower clocks and lower shader counts. or it might be that somebody did mismatched test results :D

  4. The 7970M gets huge performance gains from overclocking just 200MHz.