Sunday, 1 December 2013

AMD FX 9590 OC + R9-290x OC Benchmark Review Coming Soon!

AMD FX is Back!

I will be attempting to create the best strictly air AMD solution possible! UV yellow Theme!

My System:
AMD FX 9590
AMD R9-290X
2400 Mhz Team Extreme DDR3
Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD7 (rev 1.1) with Vdroop
Many 140mm AKFN-073 Akasa Viper Fans @ 109.55 CFM / 21.7 dB

CPU Cooler :

Prolimatech Genesis + 3 x Akasa Viper 140mm fans
Indigo Extreme Precision Engineered Thermal Interface (ETI) for AM3+ 

Expected Stable Overclock : 5.0 Ghz
Hopefully : 5.2 Ghz

GPU Cooler :

Prolimatech MK-26 Black Edition + 2 x Akasa Viper 140mm  fans
IC Diamond Thermal Compound (7 Carat)

Expected Stable Overclock : 1150 Mhz/1400 Mhz (Clock/Memory)
Hopefully : 1200Mhz/1450 Mhz (Clock/Memory)

Ill be testing GPU/CPU temperatures with a glass side panel as well as one with four fans.

Update Soon!


  1. Finally, some update on this site.
    Hoping for news on whether there is going to be a Steamroller CPU or not.

    1. It's OFFICIAL AMD get PWN3D by Intel's AWESOMENESS!!!!

  2. Steamroller FX still kept on wrap! Wait for 16C Steamroller Opteron roadmaps for 2014/2015 . FX is based on these and they are typically released together. It will be released around the same time the Excavator APU in 2015 or around 6-8 months after haswell is replaced with 14nm Broadwell desktop CPUs in 2H.

    1. Nope NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! AMD is the first causality of the new era of computing. And Intel Broadwell will STILL cream Excavator SIX WAYS TO SUNDAY!!!! I can't say I like Intel but I will always build PC's with them because AMD just so far behind that its not practical to use their CPU's in Custom PC's.

  3. It will quickly be replaced by 20nm Excavator FX within a year after that during the last few 14nm Broadwell refreshes.

    1. And AMD will still SUCK OUT LOUD compared to Intel's awesome Broadwell.

  4. Unfortunatley FX will fall behind their APU line just as intel's extreme edition i7s fall over a year behind 4C/8T i7's at the same core.

  5. Remember Broadwell is only a 10% bump at most in IPC and more significant power reduction (intel's focus) as was Haswell over Ivy. Excavator will jump another 30% above Steamroller in IPC and lowering TDP by roughly 30%. AMD catching up in IPC! The numbers are already out for mobile! Mobile Kaveri at significantly lower clocks performs 20% better than richland in CPU tests! As was leaked, steamroller has ~20-30% IPC and on average 25% increase in IPC over Piledriver!

    1. Yep and that's why Intel Isn't completely SCREWED like AMD IS. Intel is too late but at least they learned their lesson where as AMD has NOT and is ready to chopped INTO PIECES!!!! Mobile Kaveri is going to suck EVEN more than Desktop Kaveri which BY THE WAY missed power and performance targets up the wazoo. Kaveri has reduced clock speeds to keep power usage in check.